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RevThink is the consultancy for next-generation creative entrepreneurs.

We come alongside owners with our revolutionary advice and systems to help them regain control of their business, operate more profitably, and produce exceptional creative.

The Creative Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Welcome to the global community of creative entrepreneurs who aspire not only to produce great creative, but also run a great creative business. RevThink is best known as the secret sauce behind leading studios, agencies, and production companies working in the areas of:

  • Motion design
  • Commercial production
  • Animation
  • Sound design and music
  • Experience design

CreOS™ Framework

As a strategic byproduct of our years both running and advising creative businesses, our consultants observed a consistent pattern: successful, sustainable creative firms master seven overall areas of business.

This discovery serves as our Creative Firm Operating System™ (CreOS) framework for how we engage with creative entrepreneurs and the industry at large. At the center of the CreOS framework lies the 7 Ingredients of a Creative Firm:

The 7 Ingredients of a Creative Firm™

Creative: Capability of the team. Quality of the work.

Production: Guiding clients. Managing resources. Actualizing. Maintaining The Splits.

Marketing: Positioning. Generating awareness. Outreach. Offering expertise.

Sales: Pipeline. Pitching. New business. Repeat business. Upselling. Negotiating.

Finance: Measuring. Reporting. Projecting money.

Operations: Contracts. Legal. Facilities. Taxes. Recruiting. Retention.

Entrepreneurship: Leadership. Vision. Asset growth. Exit strategy.

To learn more about how to assess the health of your creative business, see our Benchmarking Your Creative Firm white paper.


RevThink is based in the United States and Europe. Our consultants are widely recognized for their leadership and contributions to the industry around the world.

Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson is Founder and Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink. His vision and leadership has established RevThink as the industry’s leading consultancy.

Drawing from the roles Tim has played in the industry’s most pivotal moments, his sage advice has established a body of knowledge for the creative entrepreneur which he shares through advising, writing, podcasting, and speaking.

Among’s Tim’s innovations are The 4 Stages of the Creative Career and The Entrepreneurial Formula. His contributions also include co-founder role in QOHORT and in numerous collaborations with PromaxBDA, NATPE, and New York City’s SBS.

Working alongside USAID and Sweden, Tim is leading RevThink’s efforts in Moldova to help build up the creative sector of an entire country.

Tim is the proud father of five boys who after moving from LA to southern Oregon, are now able to act like boys and not break any laws.

Joel Pilger

Joel Pilger is a champion of the creative entrepreneur. As an influencer in the Ingredients of Marketing, Positioning, and Sales, his thought leadership innovations include The Three R’sThe Three P’s of Positioning, and Seasons of the Creative Firm.

Being a former agency principal (he helmed Impossible Pictures for 20 years before its sale), he can’t help but advise from the POV of a business owner.

In addition to consulting, Joel spearheads QOHORT communities, hosts the RevThinking podcast, and leads the JUMPSTART™ accelerator helping studios in 19 countries around the world.

Joel has authored articles in Fast Company, Forbes, SHOOT, Post Perspectives and PromaxBDA Brief magazines. He is an ACDC board member, a member of the Television Academy, and volunteers for the Dean’s Advisory Board at the University of Colorado College of Arts and Media.

Jason Fletcher

Jason Fletcher leverages his experience over the last 20+ years as a sales, marketing, and finance leader spanning a variety of industries. Jason is known for his ability to translate the story that finances are telling within creative businesses.

Jason specializes in applying data to create strategies which lead firms. He channels his passion for partnering with creative entrepreneurs into helping them navigate the growth stages of their firms and free them up to create the future they desire.

As a consummate teammate who takes on leadership roles in a consulting engagement, Jason is the expert resource for helping identify pain points, reduce unnecessary costs, and strategically defining budgets.

Marko Pfann

Marko Pfann serves RevThink’s Europe-based portfolio by teaching design studios “the art of the creative pitch” as well as “digital positioning” to win great clients and grow their business.

Marko’s insights on pitching and positioning stem from his 15 years branding experience in the broadcast industry where he launched more than 60 TV channels around the world while also running the Germany-based motion design agency Perfect Accident.

Marko is known for his actionable advice always focusing on results for his clients. He advises the RevThink portfolio on new business development and is the author of Promise-Positioning™. 

Marko’s thought leadership helps creative studios to stand out in a crowded marketplace while his forthcoming accelerator course on pitching will teach the unconventional process by which top agencies win dream clients.


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