It’s time for your weekly workout.

Exclusively for alumni of the Jumpstart accelerator.

Keep your studio moving forward.

Introducing Confab.

The live Weekly Forum with Joel Pilger and RevThink

Imagine joining 20-30 of your fellow Jumpstart alumni in a weekly mastermind. Confab is where Joel Pilger and his Special Guests help you run a high-performance creative business.

Additional Benefits

Confab Slack Channel

Enjoy quick and easy 24/7 access to your fellow Confabulators and RevThink in the Confab private Slack channel.

Latest Jumpstart Modules

Confabulators receive access to all the Jumpstart Modules, providing members with the latest insights – including videos, notes, and homework.

Confabulators also enjoy access to soon-to-be-released RevThink concepts, tools, and systems while still in development. 

Your own private, weekly powwow.


Every Thursday 4:00-5:30 PM Eastern Time
PART 1: 30 MIN

Hot Seat

Each week a guest takes a turn in the Hot Seat. Guests are either a Special Guest or one of your peers needing help processing problems, opportunities, and decisions.

PART 2: 60 MIN

Open Mic

The bulk of each Weekly Forum is reserved for our no-holds-barred Open Mic.

Like the Jumpstart Live Weekly Q&A, this is your hour for direct questions, discussion, celebrations, and rants.

No topic is off-limits. 

The Weekly Forum is conducted using Zoom. Members may join via audio, video, or chat. Can’t attend live? All Weekly Forums are archived so members can view past episodes at their convenience.

Past Guests / Topics

  • Chris Do at TheFutur on “The Killer Mindset”

  • Steve Viola at FX Networks on “Working with the Marketing Team of the Year”

  • Emmett Armstrong at OnRamp on “Lead Gen for Creative Studios”

  • Jordan Brady at Commercial Director Bootcamp on “But What I Really Want to Do is Direct!”

  • Carolyn Hill at Carolyn Reps on “Why You Don’t Need a Sales Rep”

  • Neil Berkeley at Future You Media on “How I Moved Into Producing Content”

  • Lucas Aragon at ABC Television on “Creative Leadership”

Plus dozens of Jumpstart alumni sharing the current struggles, strategies, and wins.

“Jumpstart alumni crave ongoing connection and support. Confab is like having a weekly workout with a personal trainer, all focused on strengthening your studio.”

How to Jump In

Confab enrollment is exclusively available to Jumpstart accelerator graduates.

Contact [email protected] to enroll.