The accelerator by Joel Pilger

Reach the next level in just 60 days.

Animation. Motion Design. Production. Music/Sound Design.

Is Your Creative Firm Stuck?

Somewhere between launching your creative firm and finally hitting your stride, there is a gap.


Your business has advanced far beyond that of a mere freelancer or solopreneur, yet the knowledge to reach the next level – better clients, bigger budgets, brilliant creative – is somehow beyond your reach.

Accelerate Your Progress

RevThink powers some of the industry’s leading studios. But where can smaller, up-and-coming firms go for help?

Meet Jumpstart: the accelerator by consultant Joel Pilger that has helped more than a hundred creative firms learn how to build a stronger business in animation, motion design, production, music/sound design, and more.

In just 8 weeks, Joel personally teaches ambitious owners how to evolve their creative firm past the PAINFUL Season into the PUSH Season – and beyond – but are currently stuck wondering:

What should we focus on?

How can we position our creative firm to stand out?

How can we connect with better clients?

How can we win those bigger budgets and produce our very best work?

Everyone Needs a Jumpstart


8 battle-tested Modules including video, notes, and homework to help you master otherwise elusive, next-level concepts.

Live Weekly Q&A

Apply each Jumpstart concept to your specific challenges in the Live Weekly Q&A session with Joel and his guest experts.

Private Group

Process your daily challenges and solicit feedback from your peers in the members-only Jumpstart private group.

“Over these past weeks in Jumpstart, we’ve transformed how we deal with clients, how we view our roles in our business, and how we approach getting future clients.” – Masha at Creative Mammals

The Modules

Week 1

Identify Your Genius

Until you identify your Genius, you are stuck wondering where you should focus. Once you begin focusing on your Genius – and building your Genius team – your greatest potential is unleashed.

Week 2

Carve Out Your Positioning

Every creative firm is “award-winning,” “collaborative,” and “passionate.” It’s an epidemic in our industry and it cripples up-and-coming studios. The solution: carve out a unique, narrow positioning in the minds of your clients.

Week 4

Marketing the Modern Creative Firm

If you think sales solves all problems, you don’t have a sales problem… you have a marketing problem. It’s time to learn the difference between marketing and sales as you master the Creative Firm Sales Cycle.

Week 4

Powerful Outreach

Get ready to set aside the familiar strategies that got you this far… as you embrace the strategies to reach the next level: building trust and sharing expertise.

The Roast

In what has become a favorite (albeit painful) midterm ritual, Joel “roasts” each member’s website and positioning. It’s one of the most valuable wake-up calls you will receive in your Jumpstart journey. Can you take the heat?

Week 5

The Three R’s™

Every creative firm dreams of producing fewer – and larger – projects. Learn the counterintuitive concept that can double or tripe your average project budget… while also keeping clients happy and strengthening your portfolio.

Week 6

Fewer Proposals, More Projects

Get out of the proposal-writing business by learning the simple sales conversation which positions you as the expert… and deepens the relationship.

Week 7

High-Ticket Sales

Learn how to uncover your client’s secret budgets in a way that not only increases it, but also your odds of winning.

Week 8

Commanding Premium Pricing

Master the art of negotiation to protect your business, command bigger budgets, and produce your most brilliant creative work.

WHAT COMES NEXT: Exclusively for Jumpstart graduates, Confab is the live weekly forum where Jumpstarters continue their journey.

“Jumpstart is the best business decision we’ve made in the 3 years of our studio. Everything changed after we applied what we learned here.” – Felippe at Mowe Studio

About Joel

Joel Pilger brings revolutionary advice to owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as Consultant / Partner at RevThink.

His clients are based in the US as well as 22 countries around the world.

Although focused on advising the RevThink portfolio, Joel developed Jumpstart specifically for the next generation of young, up-and-coming studios. To date, well over a hundred firms have benefited from the program.

His advice is not theoretical. In his 20 years prior to consulting, Joel helmed the Denver-based studio Impossible Pictures with a team size of 25 employees and $5 MM in annual revenue.

“Dare I say, Jumpstart may be the best investment we have ever done.” – Maxwell at Kingdom Of Something

Read more candid feedback from graduates in the article JUMPSTART: The Alumni Speak.

Make the Jump

Watch the "Why Up-and-Coming Studios Get Stuck" webinar to learn more about applying for enrollment in Jumpstart.

Is your firm ready for Jumpstart? Follow these steps to find out.

  1. Watch the webinar Why Up-and-Coming Studios Get Stuck to learn the concepts on which Jumpstart is founded.
  2. Apply for a strategy session at revthink.com/apply/