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Make the leap in just 90 days.

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“We are absolutely loving Jumpstart! Dare I say, it may be the best investment we have ever done.” –Maxwell Reed at Kingdom Of Something (Netherlands / Sweden / Germany)

Who Jumpstart Is For

Jumpstart is the 90-day intensive for up-and-coming creative studios, agencies, and production companies. The accelerator is specifically designed for owners hungry to run a great creative firm but who are stuck wondering:

  • How can our creative firm stand out and get noticed?

  • How can we connect with better clients who appreciate our expertise?

  • How can we win the maximum budget from our clients, every time?

  • How do other firms do it?



10 Modules featuring video, notes, and homework helping you embrace revolutionary, next-level concepts.

Live Weekly Q&A

Apply Jumpstart concepts to your specific business challenges in a Live Weekly Q&A session with Joel Pilger and guest experts.

Private Group

Process your daily challenges and solicit feedback from your peers in the members-only Jumpstart private group.

“Over these last weeks, Jumpstart transformed how we deal with current clients, our roles in our business, and our approach to getting future clients.” – Robert at Creative Mammals (US)

The Modules

Week 1

Benchmarking Your Creative Firm

In which Ingredients is your creative firm strong vs. weak? Understand where your firm is – and what lies ahead – on its journey through the Seasons of the Creative Firm™.

Week 2

Identify Your Genius

Until you identify your Genius, your firm will remain stuck. Focus on yours to put your business on its only true path to success.

Week 3

Carve Out Your Positioning

Instead of creating confusion, carve out a “flavorized” narrow positioning which empowers your firm to stand out.

Week 4

Marketing the Modern Creative Firm

Think you have a sales problem? Everyone thinks that. But you actually have a marketing problem.

Week 5

Setting Up Your Sales Pipeline

It’s not who you know, it’s who is in your sales pipeline.

Midterms: The Roast

In what has become a favorite, albeit painful, ritual, RevThink consultant Joel Pilger “roasts” the website and positioning of each Jumpstart member. Can you take the heat?

Week 6

Powerful Outreach

You know that great work only comes from great clients. Move from “out of reach” to “outreach” and start connecting with better clients.

Week 7

The Three R’s™

Accepting the wrong opportunities is one of the most common traps that ensnares small studios.

Week 8

Fewer Proposals, More Projects

Get out of the proposal-writing business by mastering the sales conversation that actually increases your odds of winning.

Week 9

High Ticket Sales

Overcome the “We don’t have a budget” quandary and start winning your client’s maximum budget every time.

Week 10

Commanding Premium Pricing

Master the art of negotiation and the secret power of policies so your firm can produce its greatest creative, while protecting your most valuable asset.

“Jumpstart is the best business decision we’ve made in the 3 years of our studio. Everything changed after we applied what we learned here.” – Felippe at Mowe Studio (Brazil)

Read more candid feedback from our members in JUMPSTART: The Alumni Speak.

Your Consultant: Joel Pilger

Joel brings revolutionary advice to owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as Consultant and Partner at RevThink.

Joel’s clients are based in the US as well as 20 countries around the world. He leads QOHORT (the Quarterly Cohorts of Creative Entrepreneurs) by hosting quarterly masterminds for owners in New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

As a thought leader Joel hosts the RevThinking podcast and is a featured speaker at a variety of conferences, associations, and universities. He has authored for Fast Company, Forbes, SHOOT, Post Perspectives and PromaxBDA Brief magazines.

Joel is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

In his 20 years prior to consulting, Joel helmed Impossible Pictures as one of the most successful creative studios to every thrive between the coasts.

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