Learn how to push your creative firm to the next level… from someone who’s been there.

Is your studio stuck?

Somewhere between launching your business and reaching the next level, there is a gap.

Accelerate your progress

Jumpstart: the 9-week intensive.

What You Will Learn

In Jumpstart, members learn next-level concepts empowering their studios to stand out, break through, meet better clients, win bigger budgets, and produce their greatest creative work.

Personal instruction and unparalleled perspective is provided by Joel Pilger who for 20 years helmed Impossible Pictures. To date, nearly 150 studios from 23 countries around the world have been through the Jumpstart accelerator.

What You Will Not Learn

Unlike the myriad programs teaching creative, this accelerator focuses on your creative business. Therefore, Jumpstart does not teach creative ingredient areas such as design, animation, directing, etc.

A strong portfolio is a prerequisite for enrollment.


The effectiveness of Jumpstart is excellent. Many graduates have applied their learning to win enviable projects from top-shelf clients resulting in a doubling or tripling of revenue.

See The Jumpstart Experience for candid feedback from alumni.

Who the Accelerator Is For

Jumpstart is intense. Therefore, we screen candidates carefully. Only ambitious owners – committed to investing time and resources in growing their business – are admitted.

The accelerator content is perfectly suited to motion, design, production, animation, experience, music, and sound design studios with annual revenue below USD $1 million.


8 Modules

8 next-level concepts in 9 weeks

Live Weekly Q&A

with RevThinker Joel Pilger

Private Group

Slack Channel for you and your peers

“I’m grateful for Jumpstart and to have learned the Experts Travel [concept]. I want to thank you for encouraging me to do it.” – Martín Schurmann at Váscolo


Week 1

Identify Your Genius

Week 2

Carve Out Your Positioning

Week 3

The Website “Roasts”

Week 4

Marketing the Modern Creative Firm

Week 5

Powerful Outreach

Week 6

Your Best Opportunities – The Three R’s™

Week 7

Fewer Proposals, More Projects – The Three D’s™

Week 8

High-Ticket Sales

Week 9

Commanding Premium Pricing

“It was a fantastic accelerator. We appreciated the laser-like focus on each subject to give us a clear path forward.” – Dave at Hank Mango

Beyond Jumpstart: Exclusively for alumni, Confab is the live weekly forum where Jumpstarters continue their journey.

About Joel

Joel Pilger brings revolutionary advice to owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as a RevThinker / Partner at RevThink.

Although focused on advising the RevThink portfolio, Joel developed Jumpstart specifically for the next generation of up-and-coming studios. To date, well over a hundred firms have benefited from the program.

In his 20 years prior to consulting, Joel helmed the Denver-based studio Impossible Pictures with a team size of 25 employees and $5 MM in annual revenue.

“It took us 6 years to reach a certain level. After Jumpstart, it only took us 6 months to quadruple that revenue.” – Joãa Filipe at Mezzolab

Make the leap


Enrolling in Jumpstart requires an interview to verify your firm qualifies. In the session, your firm’s portfolio and positioning are reviewed, as well as a discussion of your top goals and obstacles.

Jump In

The next Jumpstart is scheduled for February 2020. Contact us to schedule an interview and see if your firm qualifies.