The quarterly masterclass and event series teaching you how to successfully sell your idea to audiences ready to buy it.

Don’t sell TV. Develop TV that sells.

Masterclass Sessions

TV development opportunity is finite, but content opportunity is not. As platforms increase, the number of pitches that sell decrease. So being a content producer or production company, you may be stuck wondering:

WTF is no one buying my idea?

How do I compete with other content producers?

How can I build better relationships with distributors?

What ideas have the best chance of getting sold?

When is the best time to pitch my idea?


The Marketplace

Understanding today’s media landscape

The inner workings of TV networks

He who pays, owns

“Reading the Tea Leaves”

Securing and locking in talent

Securing and locking IP


The Pitch

Crafting your elevator pitch

Perfecting the Pitch Deck

Reverse Engineering

To sizzle or not to sizzle

Creating the perfect sizzle


The Meeting & The Deal

Going it alone vs. partnerships

Getting the meeting

How to present & read the room

Leave behinds

You’ve sold a project. Now what?

Distribution & producing partners expectations

“The ShowLauncher series was spot on and perfect timing for our show’s journey. It made the next steps even easier for us to do.
– Shelley Martel at Renovation Lifestyles


Pitch Day – June 27 2019 (SOLD OUT)

Sunset Marquis – North Villa Boardroom
1200 Alta Loma Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Designed to help production companies and individuals rethink, refine, and reclaim their pitch – in addition to getting another chance to sell their idea.

10AM – 12PM

Live Workshop

  • Digital Masterclass Review of ShowLauncher Series
  • Hands on Workshop
  • Rehearse Pitch in front of executives for critique
1PM – 3PM


  • Small Groups breakout sessions to make suggested changes
  • Finalize Pitches for the Pitch Panel
3PM – 6PM

Pitch Panel

  • Scheduled: 15-minute pitches presented in front of Pitch Panel
  • Live Critique from Pitch Panel
  • Opportunity to sell/collaborate with Panelist(s) further
  • Access to a law firm and or Agency to get advice and coaching
  • Production meet up to encourage collaboration between participants

“I can not thank you enough for the opportunities at Pitch Day. I learned so much throughout this whole process. The information/mock-pitches with the Special Guests was amazing and I will definitely be putting all their advice into action!”
– Samantha Larsen

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