Why did you start your business?

As a creative person, it wasn’t about running a business.

The reason was something deeper. This is why RevThink comes alongside owners to help their business thrive, so they can finally get back to focusing on their Genius.

Because for you, that’s what it’s always been about.

RevThink Consulting

Revolutionary advice and systems. Built on earned experience and practical wisdom.

As RevThink comes alongside an owner within a consulting engagement, we first asses the health of the business in the 7 Ingredients™. Then we follow a simple process:

Clarify the owner’s Genius and goals.

Apply revolutionary strategies.

Implement systems.

Maintain routines.

Deceptively simple, yet effective. And the results speak for themselves:

  • Regained control of the business
  • Reenergized focus for the owner
  • Increased revenue
  • Bulletproof profits
  • Exceptional asset growth

These results ultimately serve as a means to an even greater end: exceptional creative work and a successful long-term career for the owner.


RevThink’s CreOS™ (Creative Firm Operating System) serves as our consultancy’s core methodology. Within CreOS, each of the 7 Ingredients represents an area of business requiring mastery to run a thriving, sustainable business.

RevThink consultants bring a unique expertise in one or more of the Ingredients. Our team then comes alongside our clients (think: non-equity partners) to apply revolutionary advice and implement systems.

When applied over time, this methodology empowers our clients to create the future they desire.

Client Portfolio

We know great creative comes from great businesses. We proudly name some of the industry’s best, leading creative firms among our client portfolio. View our brag board to see their work.

How We Help Creative Firms

Business-driven Creative-driven, business-based

A great business is one thing, but a great creative business is something entirely different. And because creative must win, knowing that difference is key.

True to us True to you

We carefully select our clients. Our work then focuses on what makes your creative firm strong, healthy, and accentuates your uniqueness.

Technology-driven Technology follows technique

We don’t prescribe specific technologies or tools. Instead, we implement proven systems which improve upon and support your existing methods.

Senior consultants are unavailable Senior consultants lead every engagement

We think like business owners because we are business owners. We come alongside as the “friend to the owner.”

 Where to Start 

If your business’ annual revenue is between US$1MM – $50MM and you want to learn how a RevThink consulting engagement fuels leading creative firms, please contact us.


Note: Appointments require an executed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to enable review of financial statements.

For businesses below $1MM, we recommend you take advantage of RevThink AcceleratorsEvents or free Resources.