The Quarterly Cohorts of Creative Entrepreneurs

Every quarter, spend a special evening with your peers.

Get away from your screens. Travel if you must. Don’t let anyone steal this time. 

Connect, reassert your big picture, and keep moving forward…

Together with your QOHORT. 

Insights. Connections. Community.

Quarterly masterminds with RevThink, a special Featured Guest, and your peers running motion, animation, and production studios.

The idea behind QOHORT is simple: we believe conversations change the world. This is why each quarter, we gather elite creative entrepreneurs to gain fresh insights, establish connections, and make our community – and industry – stronger.


Each quarter small, private events are hosted at premium restaurant venues in Los Angeles, New York, and (our newest chapter) London.

After an hour of networking, the Featured Guest and RevThink consultants present the evening’s hot topic. What follows is a Jeffersonian dinner allowing each participant to contribute to the debate.

No wannabes. No selling. No devices. It’s the room where it happens.

Upcoming Events

QOHORT is invitation-only. If you received an invitation, please click RSVP below to reserve your seat at the table. To request an invitation, contact us.