Why Small Studios Struggle:
There is a world of difference between being a great creative and running a great creative business.

• Do you feel like your studio is stuck?
• Do you wonder how top studios got to where they are?
• What if you could jumpstart your creative studio to the next level?


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An accelerator program for up-and-coming:

• Animation and Motion Design Studios
• Production Companies

Now all the things no one ever taught you about running a creative business are being taught by someone who’s actually done it himself… and for dozens of other studios, too.

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Hi, I’m Joel.

RevThink consultant. Impossible Pictures founder. Industry influencer.

I helmed the remarkably successful studio Impossible Pictures for two decades.

Today as a consultant at RevThink, I advise top studios using all my experience and hard-fought wisdom.

Now in Creative Studio Jumpstart, I’m sharing all my secrets with the next generation of small, up-and-coming studios.

Membership in Creative Studio Jumpstart includes:
1. Live Weekly Q&A
2. Mentoring Modules
3. Private Facebook Group

1. Live Weekly Q&A

You've got specific questions. Get my specific answers.

Breakthroughs happen when you and I personally interact to tackle your issues.

That’s why as a member of Creative Studio Jumpstart, you receive direct access to me and my guest experts in my Live Weekly Q&A session. Your send me your questions, and we tackle them together. Live.

2. Mentoring Modules

Because what got you here... won't get you there.

The habits that helped get your studio to where it is… are usually the same habits holding you back from further progress.

My hard-fought wisdom – which jumpstarted my business from a small struggling shop to a nationally recognized studio – can do the same for your studio. Each month, I mentor Creative Studio Jumpstart members through one of the 12 Habits to Jumpstart Your Studio:

  1. Embrace Your Genius
  2. The Creative Firm Sales Cycle™
  3. The Sales Conversation
  4. Create the Future by Learning to Love Setting Goals
  5. Positioning Your Studio
  6. Uncover Your Clients’ Secret Budgets
  7. Build Your Team
  8. Step Up and Stand Out
  9. The Three R’s of Reel, Relationship and Reward
  10. Learn How to Rejuvenate
  11. Targeting the Clients & Projects You Want
  12. Win Better Projects & Charge More

3. Private Facebook Group

An incredibly supportive community of creative entrepreneurs.

As a member of Creative Studio Jumpstart, you have 24/7 access to our private Facebook group where a community of like-minded studio owners are connecting, discussing, and sharing… right now.

Jumpstart members come from over 15 countries around the world including Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and the US.

Got a question? Ask it. Got an idea? Post it.

Thanks to the Jumpstart private Facebook group, you have the daily support of not just me, but also a community of your peers.


What Real Members Are Saying…

mckenzie-barney“The world needs more creatives like yourself, giving back. There are not many industry-specific resources for making your creative studio a successful business. I’m so happy I found your program.” – McKenzie Barney at Comfort Theory (Florida, US)

“Thanks for everything you do for the young entrepreneurs in Jumpstart. Becoming part of this group is one of the best things I’ve ever done for growing my business.” – Chiara Cant at The Magic Collective (Vicenza, Italy)

“I’m a member of an expensive CEO group and I think this is more valuable as it’s focused on our industry. The input and ideas are in line with what I’m trying to do at the moment. Keep it up!” – Justin Andrews at Animus Studios (California, US)

wouter-sel“I was very surprised you were addressing the exact issues we are going through at this very moment. The major difference is you explained it in 20 minutes while we have been struggling to define our goals for over half a year.” – Wouter Sel at Volstock (Ghent, Belgium)

“The personal email strategy that you recommended is starting to get results. I just sent out a six-figure proposal for the first time in several years.” – Doug Johnson at Galaxy 61 (New York, US)

clifton-johnson-jr“I haven’t even been in this program for one month and the results are already showing in significant ways regarding value proposition and brand positioning. Jumpstart is a GAME CHANGER.” – Clifton Johnson Jr. at Vertical Media Group (Colorado, US)

Next Class Begins August 1, 2017

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