The 7 Ingredients™

Why is running a successful creative firm so difficult? Most owners believe if they focus on producing great work, the rest will take care of itself. It won’t.

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Seasons of the Creative Firm™

As creative firms evolve and grow, they follow a pattern. Where is your firm along the journey, and how does your firm compare to others in the industry?

>> Learn about the Seasons in Benchmarking Your Creative Firm

The Four Stages of a Creative Career™

Creative business owners are so focused on managing their firms, they forget to manage their careers.

>> Listen to Tim Thompson’s PopUpF5 session on the Four Stages of a Creative Career.

The Three R’s™

How do you decide if an opportunity is worth pursuing?  Accepting projects that are not a good fit leads to the fourth R: Regret.

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Everyone Has a Sales Problem

Think you need more sales?  Think again. Modern creative firms break through not with more sales but rather by laying a proper foundation consisting of four elements.

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