You’ve decided to make the leap.

Although RevThink is focused on advising established creative firms, we can’t resist offering a helping hand to all you first-time creative entrepreneurs ready to launch a studio, agency, or production company of your very own.

To that end, we offer the Startup Studio / Production Company Checklist – arranged according to the 7 Ingredients – to help you get started on your journey.

For a limited time this checklist is free to download. Use coupon code STARTUP at checkout.


Are You Ready?

Whether you are an employee about to leave the security of a full-time job, or a freelancer about to tell your clients that you are their newest competitor, the question every startup newbie ponders most is, “How do I know when I’m really ready?”

Once you’ve completed the Startup Checklist, the key is to get out there and win your first big project. Here is why: closing your first big sale meets two critical needs: one, it confirms your business model is no longer just a theory, and two, it provides you with much needed operating cash.

Land that big project. Make the leap.

Good luck and godspeed.