“The seven ingredients really to us – and the reason why we have a facebook group called the seven ingredients, why we refer to it so much – is to have a common understanding from consultant to client on where you are and what kind of work you want to do.” – Tim Thompson

In this initial episode in our new 7 Ingredients podcast series, Joel Pilger and Tim Thompson discuss the 2 A.M. issues every owner faces.

In this series we will explore the seven ingredients that make up every creative firm, each with its corresponding goals, strategies, routines as well as the myriad connections between them.




The Capability Of Our Team & The Work We Produce

Guiding Clients, Managing Resources, Actualizing & Maintaining “The Splits”

Positioning, Publicity, Outreach, Laying The Foundation For Sales

Sales Pipeline, Winning New Business & Stimulating Repeat Business

Measuring, Reporting & Projecting Money

Legal, Facilities, Taxes, Recruiting & Retaining Talent

Genius, Leadership, Vision, Asset Growth & Exit Strategy

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