2 AM issues | RevThink

Greetings from NYC where I’m looking forward to our next Qohort dinner.

Which got me wondering… what keeps you up at night?

Chances are – as with all business owners – it’s those pesky issues over which you feel you have no control.  These are what I refer to as “Every owner’s 2 AM issues.”

(I remember them well. And no, I don’t miss them one bit.)

But to compile the actual issues – confronting owners right now – we conducted a simple poll. To date, we’ve received 60+ votes answering the question:

“Which of these hot button issues are driving you crazy?”

Responses include:

  • 90+ day payment terms
  • Sequential liability
  • Infinite revisions
  • Abusive pitch practices
  • Increasing content, shrinking budgets
  • Underages
  • Insurance requirements
  • Contract (freelance) labor risks

What about you? Add your voice to the poll in our 7 Ingredients group.


P.S. For those of you joining me for dinner on Thursday, my next question for you is, “Do we really have no control?”

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