A million $1 choices | RevThink

Our mission at RevThink is empowering creative firms to evolve from being reactive to proactive.

So as your business crosses over into 2020, sometime in January your bookkeeper will close out this year. When you look at your 2019 reports, it’s my sincere hope you don’t hear yourself say:

“Where did all my money go?”

If that’s you, here is my encouragement:

You (read: the creative entrepreneur) have far more control over your business than you think.  

Does that strike you as overly optimistic? Or even insensitive?

To illustrate this point in an unexpected way, I’ll share a recent quip from RevThink founder Tim Thompson:

“A one million dollar per year creative firm gets to make a million $1 choices throughout that year.”


Think about that. Whether a studio or production company is large or small, in a given year…

A $10/year firm gets to make ten choices
A $1 MM/year firm gets to make a million choices
A $100 MM/year firm gets to make a hundred million choices

You see, you have all the power. You always have. It’s so simple it’s almost absurd. But assuming I’m right, next let’s ask, how can you take advantage of this?

Warning: you won’t like the answer. It isn’t glamorous. Or enticing. Because the solution is…

Systems and routines.

See? I warned you.

As a creative person, you hate me trying to turn you into a bean counter.

But that’s not my goal. No, rather than a counter of beans, my aim is to empower you…

To become a reader of tea leaves.

Then run a system which enables you to create the future…

One dollar at a time.



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