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Short Bio (from LinkedIn)

My mission is inspiring creative business owners to create the future.

As the founder at Impossible Pictures, it was my absolute thrill to helm that studio for two decades.

After exit, now I work exclusively with owners as consultant, advisor, and investor. Among my clients are such eminent names as:

– Antfood
– Bigstar
– Giant Ant
– Laundry
– Method N Madness
– Mighty Nice
– Motion504
– Polyester
– STATE Design
– Syn

Plus 300+ companies spanning 25+ countries.

If you are a creative business owner interested in working with me, a great starting point is my Jumpstart accelerator. See

Additional interests, involvements, accolades:

– revCommunity Leader: the private community of 300+ studio owners.
– QOHORT Host: gatherings of elite creative entrepreneurs in NYC, LA, London, Denver, San Francisco, Melbourne.
– Podcaster: RevThinking Podcast at Apple Podcasts and Spotify.
– Main Stage / Featured Speaker
>> COMING UP: Camp Mograph.
>> Digital Design Days (Geneva, Switzerland and Milan, Italy).
>> Bend Design (Bend, USA).
>> Promax (NYC & LA USA).
>> The Futur (LA, USA).
>> Computer Graphics & Arts (Belgrade, Serbia).
>> Small Business Services, City of New York (NYC, USA).
– Member: Television Academy.
– Judge: Emmy Awards, Promax Awards, Motion Awards.
– Author: Fast Company, Forbes, SHOOT, Motionographer.
– Education: Advisor at SCAD, University of Colorado, The Art Institutes.
– International Development: Consultant to Moldova Competitiveness Project / USAID & Sweden.
– Awards: honored with numerous Emmy, Addy, Art Directors, Promax Awards.

Sample Questions for Joel

  • What is distinctly different about the creative entrepreneur compared to other business owners?
  • Why do some creative businesses get stuck while others thrive?
  • What do owners of next-level creative firms know (that younger, up-and-coming firms don’t)?
  • How do creative firms evolve over time in what are known as The Seasons of a Creative Firm?
  • How can a business owner truly achieve focus vs wearing so many hats?
  • How can a creative firm remain true to its “north star” while growing and adapting through the years?
  • What are the tradeoffs an owner faces as their creative business grows?

Fun Facts About Joel

  • Joel’s first feature film, Cosmic Battles, grossed just $13. Tickets cost 7¢ and he was twelve years old.
  • By the age of 16, Joel had launched more than 20 different entrepreneurial ventures.
  • In a former life, Joel was a practicing industrial designer.
  • For 20 years Joel helmed Impossible Pictures as one of the most successful production companies to ever thrive between the coasts.
  • Joel has won numerous Emmy, Addy, Art Directors, and Promax awards.

Recent Thought Leadership

  • Standing Out In the Sea of Sameness – CGA conference, Belgrade Serbia
    The Real Reason Big Opportunities Are Not Finding You… and What to Do About It
  • Our Crisis of Unhelpfulness – Bend Design conference, Bend Oregon USA
    Design is supposed to make things easier. Why are designers making it harder? 
  • Overcoming Ephemeralization – Digital Design Days, Milan Italy
    Why today’s valuable service will be a commodity tomorrow… and what to do about it.
  • The Genius Gap – Bend Design conference, Bend Oregon USA
    Why do some creatives get stuck… while others go on to greatness?
  • The Three R’s™ – Digital Design Days, Geneva Switzerland
    What really drives the client/agency business relationship.
  • The 7 Ingredients of a Creative Firm™
    Why Creative is just one Ingredient – out of 7 – required to run a successful creative firm.
  • Preparing to Launch – NY School, New York USA
    Do you have what it takes to launch a creative business of your own?
  • It’s Not WHAT You Pitch It’s HOW – Fishbowl Live
    Why the creative you pitch in your presentation only wins half the battle.
  • Everyone Has a Sales Problem – Clubhouse Live
    Why weak sales in a creative firm is actually a symptom of four deeper problems.

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