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Short bio

As Founder and Chief Revolution Thinker, Tim Thompson’s vision and leadership have established RevThink as the industry’s leading supporter of creative entrepreneurs.


Tim draws from the roles he played in the industry’s most pivotal moments including a founding member of Imaginary Forces and producer of SE7EN Title Sequence.


He is notorious for taking his practical wisdom, acquired resources, and industry-leading best practices and developing unmatched success with practices like The Factors Method, Cashboards, and CreOS (Creative Operating System). 


Known for rearranging people’s intellectual furniture, his thought pieces include The 4 Stages of the Creative Career, and The Entrepreneurial Formula. His unique contributions to the motion industry are leveraged regularly as the co-contributor of REVCOMMUNITY,  THE WEEKLY BRIEFING web series and sharing them through advising, writing, podcasting, and speaking.

Sample questions for Tim

  • What makes the creative entrepreneur different from other types of entrepreneurs?
  • How can a creative entrepreneur finish my career strong?
  • What is the Factors Method?
  • What is one change an owner can implement that makes the biggest impact?
  • How does an owner when it’s time to grow their business?
  • What do owners of next-level creative firms know (that up-and-coming firms don’t)?
  • How do creative firms evolve over time in what is known as The Seasons of a Creative Firm?
  • Why do most creative firms get stuck offering services instead of selling expertise and value?
  • What does a RevThinker do?

Interesting facts about Tim

  • Tim’s first jobs in this industry were the American Music Awards, Emmy’s, and Oscars.
  • As co-owner and investor, Tim’s businesses include Timber, Real Estate, and, the pioneer of backyard zip lines.
  • As a father of 5 boys, He and his wife Katie enjoy a life filled with laughter and sound.
  • RevThink is short for Revolution Thinking, but also a nod to Tim’s ordination as a Reverend.
  • Inspired by George Burns’s book, Tim landed his first big breakthrough at Dick Clark Productions.

The Quotable Tim

  • “Technology follows Technique”
  • “The best way to deal with the future is to create it”
  • “Owners start a business for one of three reasons: Fame, Fortune, or Freedom.”
  • “Taking control of your business is a journey from reacting to creating the future.”
  • “I’m going to rearrange your intellectual furniture to make room for you.”
  • “I know there’s a difference between sales and marketing because they are spelled differently.”
  • “As you grow from working IN your business to working ON it, at some point you will have to fire yourself.”
  • “Remember freelancers are an expense, whereas employees are an investment.”
  • “Manage profits as if they are an expense. Budget accordingly.”

Recent Topics

  • The 4 Stages of your Creative Career
    Finishing well requires a constant evolution from Artist to Auteur to Curator and finally Collector.
  • Bulletproofing Profits. 
    Why companies don’t capture the profits from projects they deserve.
  • The Factors Method
    Mastering the Direct and Indirect splits on all your projects. 
  • The Producer Deficit.
    How to make your own producer.
  • The 7 Ingredients of a Creative Firm™
  • Why Creative is but one Ingredient – out of 7 – required to run a successful creative firm.

More about Tim

  • Founder of RevThink.
  • Partner in RevCommunity, an online platform for creative studio owners.
  • Co-host of The RevThinking Podcast
  • Co-founder and host of QOHORT elite creative entrepreneur gatherings
  • Contributor of Confab: The Weekly Forum with RevThink
  • Creator of Showlauncher for NATPE and SAF/AFTRA
  • Co-creator of Hollywood Breaks Podcast, an insider’s conversation about Hollywood and what’s changing.
  • Creator of COLLIDER CONFERENCE in Chișinău, Moldova in partnership with USAID and Sweden.
  • Member of the Television Academy
  • Mentor to NYC Small Business Solutions for Creative Owners
  • Guest lecturer at NYU Stern School of Business
  • Conference speaker at Promax in New York and Los Angeles
  • Conference speaker at F5 Design Conference New York
  • Workshop leader for City of New York Small Business Services in New York, New York
  • Consultant to Moldova Competitiveness Project in partnership with USAID and Sweden

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