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The Weekly Forum

Join your peers along your journey. Each week in Confab, Joel Pilger and his guests lead a mastermind to help you gain fresh insights, tackle challenges, and expand future opportunities.

Slack Channel

Gain 24/7 access to your fellow alumni and RevThink.

Latest Modules

Review all past Modules (Jumpstart, etc.) at any time – including videos, notes, and homework.

Your own private, weekly powwow.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesdays at 12 PM Eastern Time

Hot Seat

Each week a Special Guest – an industry expert or a Jumpstart alumni – steps into the Hot Seat.

Each conversation reveals insider insights not available anywhere else.


Open Mic

The remainder of each Weekly Forum is reserved for our no-holds-barred Open Mic.

Like the Jumpstart Live Weekly Q&A, this is your time for specific questions, rants, and celebrations.

No topic is off-limits. 

Each Weekly Forum is a Zoom call conducted via audio, video, or chat. Can’t attend live? All Weekly Forums are archived so members can view any past episodes at their convenience.

“Jumpstart revealed the path, Confab keeps you on it.” 

– Robert at Creative Mammals

Special Guests

Visit the Confab Special Guests page to view video clips of recent discussions.



Confab is exclusively for RevThink accelerator alumni. Contact us to get started.