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Jumpstart Q4 kicks off October 13, 2022. Apply for enrollment below.

How did those top studios get to where they are?

You have a nagging sense that your studio is capable of so much more. That drive. That ambition. Those things are there for a reason.

You have an internal compass shouting “Let’s go there!” – but what you really need is a map.

RevThink consultant Joel Pilger knows that feeling well – he helmed the uber successful Impossible Pictures – and that’s why he created Jumpstart. It’s the roadmap designed by a studio owner for the studio owner hungry to jump to the next level.

In just 6 weeks.

The graduates are raving.

Join us.

Application-based. USD 5-7K* investment.  Limited seats.

Make the leap to the next level:


✓  Identify your Genius

✓  Carve out your positioning

✓  Qualify your best opportunities

✓  Gain the respect of better clients

✓  Raise your prices

✓  Produce your greatest creative work


Your studio’s journey from order-taker to expert starts here.

In Jumpstart, relax by knowing your transformation occurs in a proven, safe space where you can process any question, admit weaknesses, test solutions, and move forward with confidence.

Jumpstart At-a-Glance


  • For emerging studios < $1.5M per year
  • 6-week program
  • Structured curriculum
  • Intensive workshops
  • Peer group accountability

“The Jumpstart return on investment is a no-brainer.”


Structured.  Relevant.  Applicable.


Week 1: Focus

Identify Your Genius

What is the source of your studio’s greatness? Let’s identify it. So you can focus on it.

Week 2: Positioning

Carve Out Your Positioning

Is your studio stuck in the sea of sameness? At long last, craft the standout language that will be the bedrock of your firm’s future.

Week 3: Qualifying

The Three R’s + The Three D’s

Why do you accept projects? Why do you write proposals? Learn how to smoke out bad fits while increasing your success rate winning better ones.

Week 4: Pricing

High Ticket Sales + Commanding Premium Pricing

Now that you have the expert mindset, apply the counterintuitive approaches to upselling, negotiating, and maximizing your studio’s value.

Week 5: Marketing

Let’s Build a (Simple) Marketing System

How can you spread your message at scale to build authentic relationships? Let’s build a simple system to make it happen.

Week 6: Production/Finance

New: Introduction to the Factors Method

As you apply the Jumpstart concepts, get ready for your business to take off. Your next challenge: scaling production… without losing control or profits. 


“Don’t think it’s an easy process – Jumpstart will challenge and push you to your limits. But hey, it’s truly worth it.”




→ Next-level concepts, digest at your convenience
→ Structured learning with worksheets


→ Live weekly intensives: do the work
→ Expert guidance from Joel Pilger and Matt Taylor

  Peer Group

→ Gain multiple perspectives
→ Receive accountability, build relationships


For its first 7 years, my studio was stuck

That studio was Impossible Pictures, the famous miracle-making studio in Denver, Colorado which made a lasting impact on the creative industry.

But for the first 7 years of running my business, I struggled to pay myself a good salary, grow my team beyond one part-timer, or generate even USD 200K per year in gross revenue… despite 80-hour work weeks and frequent all-nighters!

Then something shifted… and within a few years we were generating USD 5MM per year in gross revenue with a team of 25 full-time rockstars and hundreds of freelancers. We had a blast producing great work for better clients like Discovery, DISH Network, Pepsi, Ford, and Starbucks while garnering dozens of Addy, Promax, and Emmy Awards along the way.

What changed?

In that 7th year, I had an epiphany: my past success was holding me back from future growth.

Once I recognized that my problem was mindset, I began the process of unlearning what I thought was true so I could learn what was actually true: a set of counterintuitive concepts embraced by owners at the industry’s leading studios.

Now it’s your turn

I invite you embrace these concepts in Jumpstart: get back in touch with what you love doing most, carve out a unique position so your studio stands out, find better clients, sell them your best ideas, and produce truly great creative work.

The world desperately needs the creative only your firm can create. Let’s unleash it.


“Jumpstart gave me the opportunity to ask the questions – that are on every creative studio owner’s mind – and get great answers from people who have been where we want to go.”


Make the leap.

How to Enroll in Jumpstart

Enrollment is now open for Jumpstart Q4 2022.

To apply, follow these steps:


  1. Schedule a call with Joel Pilger or Matt Taylor
  2. Once approved, select your enrollment level
  3. Make a deposit to reserve your seat

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