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“I had always dreamed of launching a studio. But then I woke up and realized I was running a business.”

Being a creative person, you likely launched your studio with little understanding of what it really takes to thrive.

This why RevThink consultant Joel Pilger – who founded and helmed Impossible Pictures – created Jumpstart. It’s the accelerator designed by a studio owner for the studio owner who is hungry to reach the next level.

With hundreds of successful graduates, Jumpstart is the proven path to breakthrough.

At a Glance


  • Foundational concepts for studios in the Emerging Season
  • Structured curriculum: Modules + Worksheets
  • Personalized application: Live Workshops + Q&As
  • Expert guidance from Joel Pilger or RevThink Advisors
  • Supportive peer group and alumni community 

USD 7-15K* investment.  Limited seats. Apply to enroll.

Make the leap to the next level:


✓  Identify and focus on your greatness

✓  Carve out your position in the marketplace

✓  Develop and leverage your expertise

✓  Build relationships with better clients

✓  Negotiate and win larger budgets

✓  Empower your studio to produce its greatest creative work


Your journey from order-taker to expert starts now.

Relax knowing your transformation occurs in a private, safe space where you, your colleague, and your peers can process any question, acknowledge your weaknesses, apply solutions, and move forward with confidence.


“The Jumpstart return on investment is a no-brainer.” – Dallas at Defacto Sound

Structured.  Relevant.  Applicable.


Week 1: Focus

Identify Your Genius

What is the source of your studio’s greatness? Identify it. Now focus on it… and delegate everything else.

Week 2: Positioning

Carve Out Your Positioning

Is your studio stuck in the sea of sameness? Make the move from a→the so you stand out, break through, and lay the groundwork as the expert creative firm.

Week 3: Qualifying

Your Best Opportunities + More Projects, Fewer Proposals

Why do you accept projects? Why do you do proposals? Learn how saying no to bad fits empowers you to say yes to better wins.

Week 4: Pricing

High-Ticket Sales + Commanding Premium Pricing

Are you ready to win better clients with bigger budgets? Learn the counterintuitive approaches to upselling, negotiating, and maximizing your value.

Week 5: Marketing

Building Your Tribe

How can you spread your message at scale to build authentic relationships? Transcend traditional marketing to find your voice, play to your strengths, and build your platform.

Week 6: Production

NEW: Introduction to the Factors Method

As your business takes off, how do you scale production while maintaining creative quality, client satisfaction, and financial profitability? 



→ Next-Level Concepts
→ Worksheets
→ Structured Learning

Live Workshops

→ Apply the Concepts
→ Gain Perspective
→ Expert Guidance from Joel Pilger or RevThink Advisors

Peer & Alumni Groups

→ Immediate Feedback
→ Accountability
→ Networking


“Don’t think it’s an easy process – Jumpstart will challenge and push you to your limits. But hey, it’s truly worth it.” – Pat at P2


For its first 7 years, my studio was stuck.

And yes, that studio was Impossible Pictures, the famous miracle-making studio that ultimately broke the rules and forever changed the creative landscape of Denver, Colorado.

But for the first 7 years of running my business, I struggled to grow my team beyond one part-time animator or generate more than USD $200K in revenue… despite my 80-hour work weeks and frequent all-nighters.

Then in year 8 I began growing my studio to a team of 25 talented rockstars generating USD $5MM in annual revenue (turnover). We had a blast collaborating with great clients like Discovery, DISH Network, Pepsi, Ford, and Starbucks while garnering dozens of Addy, Promax, and Emmy Awards.

What changed?

In that 7th year, it was an epiphany: my past success was holding me back from future growth.

Once I recognized that my problem was mindset, I began the process of unlearning what I thought was true so I could learn what was actually true: a set of counterintuitive concepts embraced by owners at the industry’s leading studios.

Now it’s your turn

I invite you embrace these concepts in Jumpstart: get back in touch with what you love doing most, carve out a unique position so your studio stands out, find better clients, sell them your best ideas, and produce truly great creative work.

The world desperately needs the creative only you can produce.


“Having gone through this course twice, I can say with confidence no matter how long you have been in business there is something to help you… not only from maestro Joel Pilger but also your fellow Jumpstarters who share insight and experience along the way.” – Maxwell Reed at Kingdom of Something

Make the leap.


Jumpstart runs quarterly. To apply for enrollment, contact Airich Macalintal.

To stay informed, submit your email below.

* Limited scholarships available to disadvantaged owners, inquire for details
** Specific Workshops, Private revCommunity Space, and 
Small Group Consulting included depending upon enrollment level