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Your journey from order-taker to leading studio starts here.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

How Jumpstart Accelerates Progress

Jumpstart is the program for the business owner willing to unlearn what’s been holding them back so they can embrace the counterintuitive concepts employed at leading studios and production companies.

The goal in Jumpstart is rapid transformation. In just 8-weeks, consultant Joel Pilger personally guides you and small group of your peers through real changes so your creative firm can stand out, win better clients, charge more, and ultimately produce its greatest work.

Is your creative firm ready?

Who Jumpstart Is For

The 8-week accelerator is designed for emerging creative firms in motion, animation, production, experiential, and music/sound design.

Ideal candidates are established firms with existing clients and a strong portfolio generating annual revenue (turnover) of USD $300K to $1.5 MM.


The Jumpstart ROI is exceptional (many studios double their revenue within 12-18 months). For a look at creative firms that have benefitted from the program, see a partial list of Jumpstart alumni.

“It took us 6 years to reach a certain level. After Jumpstart, it only took us 6 months to quadruple that revenue.” – João at Mezzolab

The Components.

The 8 Modules

Critical next-level concepts

Live Weekly Q&A

With RevThink Consultant Joel Pilger


NEW: Robust platform for you and your peers

The Modules.


The Website “Roasts”

Each week, a candid critique of each member’s website is given. Once you see your firm’s positioning, messaging, and portfolio from your client’s perspective, you can never go back to the old ways.

Week 1

Overview: The 7 Ingredients

NEW: Is there a reason running a creative business is so challenging? There are seven of them.

Week 2

Identify Your Genius

What is the source of your firm’s greatness? Identify it. Next, delegate everything else so you can focus on it.

Week 3

Carve Out Your Positioning

Are you one of many or the one-and-only? Craft the messaging that lays the foundation for your firm to stand out, break through, and be perceived as an expert.

Week 4

Marketing the Modern Creative Firm

Marketing and Sales are not the same thing. Embracing the Creative Firm Sales Cycle enables you to understand the difference so you can master and/or delegate both.

Week 5

Breaking the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

NEW: Time to get the word out and fuel your future. Be the expert who shares expertise and builds trust with clients so your sales pipeline is never empty.

Week 6

Your Best Opportunities – The Three R’s™

Why do you accept projects? Master the three critical parameters that empower your creative firm to stop wasting time on unfit opportunities so you can instead focus on your best opportunities.

Week 7

Fewer Proposals, More Projects – The Three D’s™

Why does pursuing potential projects waste so much time? Master the better way to save time, while also improving your position as the expert.

Week 8

High-Ticket Sales

What if you could always win the maximum budget from your client… while also strengthening your role as the expert guide? Learn how to let go of your past so you can win those better clients with bigger budgets.



NEW: Your business is now stronger for the year ahead, but what about the decade ahead? Get an inside look at other top creative firms to see the actual concepts, systems, and routines to drive your next season of growth.

“It was a fantastic accelerator. We appreciated the laser-like focus on each subject to give us a clear path forward.” – Dave at Hank Mango

About Joel

Joel Pilger brings revolutionary advice to owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as a RevThinker / Partner at RevThink.

While advising the RevThink portfolio, Joel personally developed Jumpstart to help emerging creative firms cross “The Gap” and escape the Painful Season. To date, more than 150 firms from 23 countries have benefited from the program.

In his 20 years prior to consulting, Joel helmed the Denver-based studio Impossible Pictures with a team size of 25 employees and $5 MM in annual revenue.

“The Jumpstart return on investment is a no-brainer.” – Dallas at Defacto Sound

Make the leap.

The next Jumpstart gets underway October 1st, 2020.

Please contact us to see if your firm is qualified for enrollment.