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Your journey from order-taker to expert begins here.

The private accelerator for the emerging creative firm.

What You Will Learn

Jumpstart is an intensive, focused program for the individual owner hungry to master next-level business concepts under the personal guidance of Joel Pilger.

The goal of the program is enabling your creative firm to stand out, win better clients, command premium pricing, and ultimately produce its greatest work.

Who This Accelerator Is For

The program is specifically designed for creative firms – working in motion, design, production, experiential, or sound/music – that produce work for clients on a project basis. The ideal size of business is annual revenue (i.e., turnover) below USD $1.5 million.


The Jumpstart ROI is exceptional. Please ask for references if you would like to speak to any of our alumni.

“It took us 6 years to reach a certain level of revenue. In the 6 months following Jumpstart, we quadrupled that.”
– João at Mezzolab

Accelerator Components.

8 Modules

next-level concepts

Weekly Consulting

Via Zoom

Slack Channel

24/7 access

The Modules.

Week 1

Identify Your Genius

What is the source of your firm’s greatness? Identify it. Next, delegate everything else so you can focus on it.

Week 2

Website “Roast”

Not a module, this is a dose of tough love helping you see your firm’s website and messaging from your clients’ perspective.

Week 3

Carve Out Your Positioning

Do you stand out as an expert firm? Craft the message that expresses your creative firm’s uniqueness.

Week 4

Marketing the Modern Creative Firm

Marketing? Sales? Aren’t they the same thing? No. Learn why that difference makes all the difference.

Week 5

Powerful Outreach

Time to get the word out. Be the expert who connects, travels, and builds trust with clients.

Week 6

Your Best Opportunities – The Three R’s™

Why do you accept projects? Learn the three critical parameters that really drive the client/agency relationship.

Week 7

Fewer Proposals, More Projects – The Three D’s™

Why does pursuing potential projects waste so much time? Master the better way to save time, while also improving your position as the expert.

Week 8

High-Ticket Sales

What if you could always extract the maximum budget from your client… while strengthening the relationship?

Week 9

Commanding Premium Pricing

Are you losing out to lower-priced competitors? The counterintuitive solution: charge more.

“It was a fantastic accelerator. We appreciated the laser-like focus on each subject to give us a clear path forward.”
– Dave at Hank Mango

About Joel

Joel Pilger brings revolutionary advice to owners of leading studios, agencies, and production companies as Consultant at RevThink.

While focused on advising the RevThink portfolio, Joel developed Jumpstart specifically for smaller, emerging creative firms. To date, more than 150 creative firms in 24 countries around the world have benefited from the program.

In his 20 years prior to consulting, Joel helmed Denver-based studio Impossible Pictures with a team of 25 employees and $5 MM in annual revenue.

“The return on investment is a no-brainer.”
– Dallas at Defacto Sound

Make the Jump.

Reach out to learn if you qualify for Jumpstart 1-On-1.