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Registration for MAGNETIC opens soon.

Warning: If you are comfortable with the status quo, this experience is not for you.

Is your creative firm future-proof? Or has it yet to realize its full potential…

Is it a sales problem…

A marketing problem…

Or a business model problem?

There is one discipline that unifies, clarifies, and revolutionizes these three problems. But ironically, it is the one discipline which chronically remains on your “someday” shelf.

The discipline is Positioning. 

Put simply, positioning is the practice of telling your firm’s future.

Despite it’s importance, this is the one area in creative businesses fraught with so much overthinking yet so little performing.

Be Magnetic.

For the studio, production company, or agency hungry to rewrite the rules.

Magnetic is the 5-week incubator led by Joel Pilger and Dominic DiMaria.

• Small group format
• Weekly Workouts: articulating your intangibles
• Weekly “Here’s How I Did It”: interviews with your trailblazing peers
• Unleash your brand’s arsenal into the wild
• Spraypaint your tag on the zeitgeist

How did Defacto create a juggernaut podcast?

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Was Andy Warhol a problem solver?


“Another amazing quote goes here.” – Suzy at Someone Studios


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