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What separates the great Producers from the good ones?

The Producer is the masterful intermediary; the interface between your clients and your creative team. Forming the critical “nerve center” of your business, they continually maneuver and negotiate to provide a rock solid process which culminates in successfully delivered (and profitable) projects, every time.

But for those ready to perform this role at the highest levels, what does it take?

Following the proven format of Jumpstart, Revolve, and ShowLauncher, The Producer Masterclass is the acclaimed accelerator from RevThink teaching the advanced ninja moves employed by savvy Producers at the industry’s top studios and production companies.

Level up. Never look back.

At a Glance


• 4 weekly live sessions led by Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger

• For Owners and/or Producers at creative firms generating $1MM-12MM per year

• Advanced concepts mixed with peer debate, Q&A, and role playing

• Sample budgets, templates, and CreOS Production Rollup Lite included



The Producer Method

How a Producer is different than a Project Manager… and why that makes all the difference.

Producing Is Decision-Making. Managing. Leading. Adapting. Actualizing. Reporting.


Am I Doing It Wrong?

Why plans are worthless but planning is everything.

Solidify the fundamentals. Budgeting. Resourcing. Scheduling.


The Intelligent Intermediary

Up your game so no matter the challenge your clients rave, your team rallies, and your boss retains you.

Managing expectations. Creating and working with insights to stop scope creep and lead clients.


Mastering the Producer Method

How shrewd Producers deftly wield a set of soft skills – and diplomatic bedside manner – so they always win.

All of the responsibility, all of the authority. Clarifying desired results. Empowering collaboration between teams and clients.

4 weeks.  USD $5K.*  Limited seats.

2nd seat $3K. 3rd seat $2K. Special discounts for RevThink clients.


“This is a fantastic idea, this topic is incredibly good for companies to talk about.” – Ed Rhine at Spillt

In just 4 weeks, empower your Producers to finally:


✓  Run production with responsibility and authority

✓  Protect your firm’s creative, clients, and cash

✓  Free up owners to focus on what they love doing most


The Producer Masterclass is an intensive deep dive into the Production Ingredient. We look forward to clarifying what great Producers do, teaching you how to “make” a Producer, and bringing you a renewed sense of freedom and possibility for your business.

Level up. Never look back.


“RevThink’s knowledge on what makes an amazing Producer is crystal clear. If you have (or are) a Producer, TAKE THIS CLASS.” – Dallas at Defacto Sound



Since his early days as a founding member (and Producer) at Imaginary Forces, Tim Thompson has been at the forefront of our industry. In the two decades following, Tim has discovered and/or invented such well-known Production and Operations innovations as the Factors Method™ and the Production Rollup.


Admittedly a terrible Producer himself, Joel Pilger helmed Impossible Pictures where he led a much-loved team of successful Producers. Thanks to self-awareness about his weaknesses – and his unique owner perspective – Joel now routinely champions “our industry’s unsung heroes.”


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