RevThinking 012 | Andy Baker - Cannes and the Evolving Client/Agency Relationship | RevThink

As a follow-up to our coffee break at CATALYST, this week Joel’s guest on the RevThinking podcast is Andy Baker, Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director at National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo WILD:

“I manage a talented in-house team of designers, producers and writers.  We do a lot of work ourselves, and we also hire many people to help us with our print, TV and digital campaign materials.  Which means that I am inevitably referred to as ‘THE CLIENT.'” – Andy Baker

Fresh back from a trip to the Cannes Lions, Andy sat down with Joel to discuss where the industry is heading and how agencies (the TV network term for production companies and motion design studios) and clients can come together to create the future of entertainment marketing.

You might be interested to know Andy regularly – and generously – discusses his role as “the client” at The Client Blog, an excellent, must-read resource. Recently he hit a topic near and dear to my heart: agency branding and positioning. To get his latest perspective on how clients perceive agency brands, see “How to Brand Yourself – And Get Hired by Clients.”

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