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Remembering your WHY.

Thinking back on your journey as a creative entrepreneur, do you remember why you started your business?

No doubt you had strong reasons motivating you to strike out on your own. Now compare those dreams to the reality of running your business today. How different are the two?

Every owner eventually comes to this stark realization: doing the work is a full-time job, while running the business is yet another full-time job. To make matters worse, the running-the-business job came with zero training. So we seek answers.

Walking through any bookstore, we find the world of answers. We learn about the art of the deal, how to win friends, and how to get to yes. We find our strengths, we go from good to great, and set out to win without pitching. Then we go beyond the books, looking to trusted resources such as friends, family, employees, partners, vendors, investors, consultants, mentors, and – yes – even clients and competitors to learn more. However, their “best practices” may not be what’s best for us.


It’s easy to get caught up in the latest “The Top Five Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do” buzz think. But no one knows your clients and team like you do. Finding the solution which satisfies your creative vision – while also meeting the unique needs of your business, clients and team – is daunting.

So our inner voice turns from seeking the answers to asking the right questions:

“Do my competitors know something that I don’t?”

“How can I do more than simply react to change?”

“Are there any experts who really understand our industry?”

We turn from seeking the answers to asking the right questions #promaxbda #creative #agency #catalyst


As we evolve, are we becoming merely what others expect of us, or worse, “what the market demands”?

At RevThink, we believe that creative entrepreneurs must first find the right questions, then the answers, which strengthen their business without compromising the owner’s original mission.

How? By embracing changes which are consistent – and not in conflict – with our original vision and core values. In other words, we need a catalyst:

CATALYST |ˈkad(ə)ləstnoun

A substance which fuels change – without undergoing change itself.

The discovery of the “catalyst” empowers entrepreneurs to ask the right questions. It considers the cost of change. It encourages leaders to rush in where others fear to tread, and ultimately creates opportunities ripe for the taking.

When an owner leverages this catalyst, the creative entrepreneur is now able to create the future, not merely react to it.


Earlier this year, RevThink’s Joel Pilger sat down with PromaxBDA President and CEO, Steve Kazanjian and together they asked:

“How can PromaxBDA engage agency owners and principals at their point of greatest need?”

Together we all agreed, the best wisdom we can share with creative entrepreneurs are the stories of other owners who have made the journey before us, along with a healthy dose of insights from industry influencers and consultants. To that end, we are proudly announcing CATALYST: a new workshop and daily conversation at PromaxBDA: The Conference in New York City this June.

#Agency principals: announcing CATALYST #Creative #Entrepreneurs at @PromaxBDA: The Conference

Curated by Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger of RevThink, CATALYST engages agency owners and principals hungry to discuss:

• The trends in our industry impacting agencies
• Best practices for sustainability
• Shifting from services to creating New Value
• Growing our firms into valuable assets we can leverage over the long-term

During Monday’s kickoff workshop, CATALYST attendees will join a no-holds-barred conversation with notable industry leaders, influencers and elders:

headshot-steveSteve Kazanjian
President and CEO at PromaxBDA
“Our Industry Needs Strong Agencies”


Tim-bw-squareTim Thompson
Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink
“Asking the Right Questions”


headshot-triciaTricia Melton
Entertainment Marketing/Brand Strategist,  former SVP at Turner
“Creating the New Value”


Joel Pilger
Consultant at RevThink, founder of Impossible Pictures
“The 2 A.M. Issues Every Owner Faces”


headshot-garebGareb Shamus
Pop Culture Influencer, Venture Capitalist at Soho Capital Partners
“Your Agency: Liability or Asset?”


After the kickoff workshop, CATALYST will continue into PromaxBDA: The Conference week with with daily “Coffee Breaks” where agency owners and principals can pursue more intimate, in-depth conversations with top industry influencers, clients and consultants.

This effort represents PromaxBDA’s increasing commitment to its agency members in entertainment marketing and design. As industry catalysts for many years, both RevThink and PromaxBDA are proud to partner on this much-needed program.

To find out more about CATALYST, feel free to contact me (Tim Thompson) or Joel PilgerBelow is the official announcement from the PromaxBDA website.

We look forward to seeing you in New York! Let’s create the future.


CATALYST: Creative Entrepreneurs

A new workshop at PromaxBDA: The Conference, designed specifically for agency owners and principals

Monday June 13, 2016
1:30 p.m. (check-in)
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (program)
Hilton New York Midtown Hotel

2nd Floor Murray Hill East

Running a business is a journey. It requires leadership to develop from reacting, to anticipating, to influencing the future of their business. And often the creative entrepreneur is not equipped for growth.

This engaging workshop is designed specifically for agency principals to address the unique challenges that agencies face in our industry. By asking the right questions and sharing insights, consultants Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger at RevThink will guide the conversation, interview carefully curated experts and help you discover a path to actualize the future of your business.

In addition to the kick-off workshop, CATALYST is a gathering space at PromaxBDA: The Conference, where agency leaders will continue the conversation, exchange ideas, and learn from fellow entrepreneurs facing the same pressures, challenges, and opportunities. Each day a “CATALYST Coffee Hour” will host an expert guest and capture the best insights of the Conference from the agency perspective.

CATALYST is a new program for agency leaders who are asking:

  • Am I offering the right solutions to help my company grow?
  • What best practices already exist, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel?
  • This industry has changed so much, how can I embrace the future?
  • How can I avoid the failure of others?
  • Will my company be worth anything when I’m ready to sell?

Contact Gabi Morales at [email protected] for more information or visit the PromaxBDA website.


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