RevThinking 062 | Carolyn Hill at Carolyn Reps - The Sales Translator | RevThink

“Coming up with the best solution for the visual problem is always going to be your best bet. And if you lose the job… you lost it because the other company thought through the solution in a much different way.” – Carolyn Hill

As President at Carolyn Reps, Carolyn and her team are the expert at solving tough problems to win top projects for production companies and studios.

Since 2001, her clients have been awarded well over $100 MM in projects including campaigns for United Airlines / Olympics, Dunkin’ Donuts, Abilify, the Nasonex “Bee,” Spiriva “Rosie the Elephant,” Carrabba’s, and many more.

Carolyn has represented such notable production companies and studios as Bark Bark, Blind, Curious Pictures, Derby Content, Noble Animation, Pogo Pictures, Production Service Network (PSN), Saville Productions, and Sound Lounge.

Love what Carolyn has to say? Please listen to the entire episode. At the end, Joel and Carolyn brainstorm how we might share these sales concepts in a deeper, more structured format.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What does a rep do… really?
  • How has the rep business model evolved over the past decade?
  • Why does every studio or production company owner think “We need a rep!” Why is that usually a bad idea?
  • What are the top sales best practices that every studio / prodco ought to know?
  • What’s next for Carolyn Reps?

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