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  • Guidance and inspiration from RevThink consultant Joel Pilger
  • A community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs from around the world
  • Conversations with industry leaders, influencers, and top buyers
  • A safe space to share your struggles with hyper-relevant feedback

If this sounds like the community you’ve been looking for, confabulate with us.

Confab at a Glance


✓  Live weekly roundtable with your peers

✓  Hosted by Joel Pilger

✓  Special guests, industry experts, top buyers

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✓  Confab Archive: Access all past replays


▶︎ Live weekly roundtable
▶︎ Candid discussion with peers, expert guests, industry leaders



▶︎ Archive: access to all past 200+ replays
▶︎ Search by topic, guest, or transcript


▶︎ Gain access to multiple perspectives
▶︎ Connect with fellow Confabulators



  • Do What the Director Says with commercial director Jordan Brady
  • Fanning the Flames on LinkedIn with Richard Moore
  • An Update on Better Problems with Wilson Brown at Antfood
  • Hiring In Modern Times with Ryan Summers and Shawna Schultz
  • The Website Roast Festival led by Joel Pilger
  • Bulletproofing Profits | Your Quarterly Factors Method Tune-Up with Tim Thompson
  • The Price Is Right | Pricing Methodology with Joel Pilger
  • The Quarterly Positioning Check-Up with Dominic DiMaria
  • Let’s Build an Authentic Marketing System 4-week series
  • We All Want to Hire a Salesperson with Matt Guastaferro at HUGO
  • Selling Strategy with Melinda Livsey
  • F5: The Ultimate Comeback Conference with Carlos El Asmar at Motionographer
  • Let’s Help David at Sense 6
  • The Mindblowing Deck Breakdown with Ryan Summers
  • How to Go from Budgets 1x to 4x to 10x with Jeremy Dimmock at Polyester
  • Breaking Into Entertainment Marketing with Steve Kazanjian at Promax
  • Why Experts Ask Why with Joel Pilger
  • Our Positioning Journey: Part Two
  • Finding Freedom in (Gasp!) Systems? with Christophe Eagleton at Dynamite Laser Beam


 I couldn’t do it alone.

In the first half of my journey running Impossible Pictures, I thought I could figure it out all on my own. But then one day a wise mentor called me out:

“You alone can do nothing. Your bigger future is all about others. Get out there!”

Neither should you.

Until that point, I was laser focused on clients. But my mentor helped me realize my peers – industry leaders, experts, and yes, even competitors – was the greatest source of knowledge and perspective. So I made ‘frenemies’ who were equally excited to share, inspire, and connect. And it made all the difference.

I and the team at RevThink invite you: let’s confabulate!


“Jumpstart revealed the path. Confab keeps me on it.”


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