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Let’s confabulate.

Led by RevThink consultant Joel Pilger, Confab is the mastermind for emerging owner-driven creative studios.

Every week this special group of owners generously shares, struggles, and strategizes towards the common goal of helping one another thrive.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”
– African proverb

Confab benefits:


✓  Live Weekly Mastermind with your peers, special guests, and Joel Pilger

✓  Private online space in revCommunity

✓  Access to all past replays


Each week, escape your bubble and expose yourself to uncommon perspectives that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Relax knowing these conversations occurs in a private, safe space with you and your peers. Ask any question, test your latest theory, hear how other owners are doing it… so you can continue moving forward with confidence.


Elite, like-minded creative business owners.


Steve Viola at FX Networks and Lucas Aragon at ABC Television


RevThink consultants Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger

in Confab

Social media dragoness Dot Lung and Chris Do at TheFutur

Weekly Mastermind

Wednesdays 5 PM ET

→ Mastermind
Ask for help, offer help

→ Special Guests
Expert and insider perspectives

→ Convenient
Join in real-time or watch replays



→ Online
Private space in revCommunity

→ Connect
Meet and share with supportive peers

→ Confabulate
Thoughtful, threaded discussions



→ Replays
Watch anytime

→ Search
Easily find past replays, guests, and topics


“Jumpstart revealed the path. Confab keeps you on it.” – Robert at Creative Mammals


 I couldn’t do it alone.

In the first half of my journey running Impossible Pictures, I believed I could figure it out all on my own. But then one day a wise friend said:,

“Staying inside your bubble, you can’t grow. Your bigger future is utterly wrapped up not in yourself, but others.”

Neither should you.

Until that point, all my efforts were solely focused on me connecting with clients. But my friend helped me realize that reaching out to my peers – leaders, experts, and yes, even competitors – was a source of incredible knowledge and perspective. I discovered most people in our industry were excited to help, share, and compare notes.

Why Confab?

As owners began graduating from RevThink accelerators, many asked, “What’s next?” I knew the answer was Confab: a safe space where like-minded peers could gather to learn and share with me, expert guests, and each other… on a consistent weekly basis.

I and the team at RevThink invite you: let’s confabulate!


Membership in Confab is open to graduates of the Jumpstart accelerator program.

Contact Airich Macalintal to make your enrollment request.

Visit the Confab space in revCommunity.

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