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“We’re serious when we talk about making the whole industry stronger. This is how we’re going to do it.” – Joel Pilger

RevThink’s upcoming Creative Entrepreneurs Conference is just two weeks away.

What is Creative Entrepreneurs? In partnership with PromaxBDA, it’s a regular gathering of your peers, RevThink consultants and industry guest experts, all there to help you discover a path to actualize the future of your business.

Prefer to listen? Listen to Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger explain the details on the RevThinking podcast at iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud:


We first lit the fire at PromaxBDA: The Conference in NYC last June with the first-ever gathering of principals to address the unique challenges that agencies face in our industry. Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger led the conversation with special guests Tricia Melton, Andy Baker, Michael Waldron, Will Travis and Gareb Shamus.

Next was our one-day conference at Terranea resort in LA where we focused on the topic of Sales. Tim and Joel spearheaded a lively day along with guest experts Robert Blatchford and Bill Sewell.


How has Creative Entrepreneurs been received? Well, our feedback from the Terranea event says it all:

‘Thanks for putting on such a great event! I took a lot of valuable information away from it and look forward to implementing some new strategies around here.’ – Chris Pagani at CHARLIE COMPANY

‘We studio owners get into our heads that we face unique challenges, but when we talk about them together, we find we’re not so alone. At events like Creative Entrepreneurs, we not only help one another… we also help our industry as a whole evolve and succeed.’ – Brian Tolleson at BARK BARK

‘It’s such a fantastic community you guys are creating, and Tim and Joel both are such talented leaders, it just draws everyone in and makes people who are normally competitors very comfortable with each other. I could go on and on. It was just phenomenal.’ – Ron Beck at TINY HERO

‘Best. Conference. Ever.’ – Keith Stevens at MOTION SICKNESS


Now we are heading back to NYC. Join us for this upcoming event where guest experts Will Travis and John Young will join us to focus on the topic of Marketing and Positioning at your creative agency.

[Event] Creative Entrepreneurs Conference in NYC
Join this dynamic community of fellow owners and principals as we tackle the toughest issues facing your agency today. Limited seats remain.

  • WHAT: Agency Marketing & Positioning
  • WHEN: February 22, 2017
  • WHERE: Crosby Street Hotel NYC
  • COST: $550
  • Click here for complete details or to register.

Creative Entrepreneurs is a partnership of RevThink and PromaxBDA.

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