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RevThink is proud to share the latest news from Jumpstart, our unique program focused on helping small studios.

In just 3 short weeks, Jumpstart has grown into a community of 34 members from all over the world. This dynamic collection of studio owners and principals literally spans the globe, including the United States, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Chile and Brazil.

The Jumpstart program offers three primary benefits:

  1. Live Weekly Q&A with Joel Pilger and guest experts
  2. Monthly Modules teaching core concepts in Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  3. A private community where members connect, discuss and share.

The feedback from members has been extremely positive:

“I was very surprised you were addressing the exact issues we are going through at this very moment. The major difference is you explained it in 20 minutes while we have been struggling to define our goals for over half a year.” – Wouter Sel at Volstok

“The world needs more creatives like yourself giving back. There unfortunately aren’t a ton of industry-specific resources for making your creative studio a successful business, and I’m so happy I found your program.” – McKenzie Barney at Comfort Theory

“Jumpstart already changes how we do business. 🙂 Thanks again guys, this is all really helpful!” – Flo Haßler at Studio Flox

Jumpstart is spearheaded by RevThink’s Joel Pilger. With a heart to help studios both large and small, here is what Joel had to say:

“The team at RevThink conceived the idea for Jumpstart over a year ago. Something in my gut said the industry has evolved and now is the right time to form this special program. To see it fill up so quickly – with members from all around the world – is really incredible. The need is real and I’m proud to see RevThink leading the way to help make our industry stronger.”

A few memberships remain. Owners interested in joining can find more information here.

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