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RevThink Consulting + The Factors Method = The Creative Firm Operating System

Engineered for the unique needs of leading creative firms, the Creative Firm Operating System (CreOS™) is the combination of RevThink consulting and the revolutionary Factors Method.

CreOS enables owners to achieve a Self-Managing Creative Firm – more freedom, increased control, and bulletproof profits – so they can focus on producing their greatest creative work:

CreOS functions as a subscription consisting of:

  • Ongoing Consulting** and Insights
  • Dream big to create your ideal business using The Factors™
  • Look ahead at possibilities using the CashBoard™
  • Simplify project decision-making using the Production Rollup™
  • Empower teams with Dynamic Resourcing

The systems and routines for running the Self-Managing Creative Firm.

Retainer Levels

Push Season

For firms < US$1MM/year
$2K per month

Foundational CreOS systems and routines

  • The Factors™
  • Production Rollup™
  • CashBoard™
  • Insights Report

Punch Season

For firms > US$1MM/year
$3K per month

Includes monthly consulting

  • The Factors™
  • Production Rollup™
  • CashBoard™
  • Insights Report
  • Monthly 1-On-1 Consulting

Perform Season

For firms > US$2MM/year
$5K per month

For the Self Managing Creative Firm

  • The Factors™
  • Production Rollup™
  • CashBoard™
  • Insights Report
  • Monthly 1-On-1 Consulting
  • Dynamic Resourcing*
  • Sales Pipeline Integration*
  • RevThink All-Access Pass


Requires assessment
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Custom-built CreOS systems and consulting solutions for leading firms***

Execution of mutual nondisclosure agreement is required. CreOS™ certified bookkeeper is strongly recommended. All fees processed via credit card in USD. Additional setup fee of $5-10K USD includes 1-2 months of onboarding and consulting. *Dynamic Resourcing and Sales Pipeline requires custom development and/or integration with Harvest™ or Pipedrive™. **Consulting not included in Push subscriptions. Subscription offerings subject to change.

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Currently, CreOS manages over $125 MM in global production at leading firms including:

Cause + Effect
Electronic Creatives
Mighty Nice
STATE Design

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