Earthquakes: Brands' needs for "cheaper services" raise ethical questions around the ad industry | RevThink

Brands’ needs for “cheaper services” raise ethical questions around the ad industry

But, in digital advertising, efficient may be more valuable than cheap

The Digiday piece above, breaking down the increasingly “transactional” nature of agency-client relationships, emerged last week alongside side this AdAge piece arguing for ethical media buying, which asked “What would an ethical media-buying code look like?” All evidence suggests that ethics is a distraction to market demand for cheaper services, and Digiday continues to be excellent in its deeper dive into the dysfunction around “cheaper” between agencies and their clients’ procurement offices (I last profiled a terrific “Confessions” piece on procurement in Newsletter #141). A market observation made by S4 Capital’s Sir Martin Sorrell last week suggests it is something else: “Cheaper is probably not the right word. It’s certainly more efficiency.”

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