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I provide the information on these pages to illuminate how my engagements are structured.

If you are new to working with an advisor, you might be wondering where to begin. I typically like to start with a strategy session to get acquainted and discuss your goals, obstacles, and opportunities. If we are a good fit to collaborate, I’ll say so. If not, I will gladly direct you to other resources that are.

Want to schedule a call with me? Watch my latest webinar and follow the instructions at the end of the presentation.

Questions? Send an email to my executive assistant, Airich Macalintal.


Joel Pilger

Project Engagements

7 Ingredient Assessment (USD 5K)

Jumpstart 1-On-1 (USD 15K)

Positioning (USD 10K)


1-On-1 Engagements

Consulting (USD 2.5K/mo and up)

4th Stage – Exit Strategy / M&A (varies)


Group Engagements

Jumpstart Accelerator Program (USD 3K/5K/7K)

Confab Weekly Mastermind (USD 300/mo)


Other Engagements

CreOS™ (USD $2k, 3.5k, 5k)

The Factors Method with Tim Thompson (USD 10k)

Showlauncher with Tim Thompson (USD 5K)

Interim CEO, COO, CFO (Upon request)

4th Stage – Exit Strategy / M&A (varies)

The fine print: For convenience, payments are accepted by credit card. Refer to Engagement Summary for additional details. Non-Group Engagements require execution of mutual non-disclosure agreement.