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Confab Plus

For the owner who can’t sleep well at night without a trusted advisor – a.k.a. Business Therapist – in his/her corner, Confab Plus provides you with direct access to me on an impromptu basis. Think of it like an insurance policy: peace of mind knowing you can reach out and receive priority access to my help, advice, resources, and trusted connections.

Location: Remote via Zoom

Fee: USD 500/month

Deliverables: email/phone/Slack access, Confab (Weekly Forum, Q&A, Slack channel)

Format: 1-On-1 and Group

For more details about Confab membership, visit the Confab page.


“The voice inside telling you there is a better way to run your studio is right, and it has a name: RevThink. Before Revthink my studio ran me. Thanks to Joel and Tim, I now run my studio.” – Brent at Fivestone Entertainment