1-On-1 Consulting | RevThink

For an overview of the ways in which I work, please visit my engagements page.

1-On-1 Consulting

In this engagement, I (and my team, if needed) come alongside you to accelerate your firm’s progress to becoming an industry leader. Knowing the process takes years, I am honored to help you through these formative seasons of your business.

This engagement typically follows a weekly or biweekly routine where we set priorities, overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and implement solutions… with a healthy dose of accountability.

In terms of scope, I consult you and your creative firm in one or more of my areas of expertise: achieving clarity and focus (Genius), carving out a powerful position in the marketplace (Positioning),  expanding reputation and opportunity (Marketing), and growing consistent revenue (Sales). My team may also help with their specialized expertise in the other ingredients of Production, Finance, Operations, and Entrepreneurship.

Pairing this engagement with a CreOS™ engagement produces exceptional results.

Location: Remote and on-site

Fee: USD 2.5K/mo or 5K/mo

Deliverables: Weekly or biweekly sessions: phone, Zoom. Access during office hours: email, text. Private online space at revCommunity for notes, goals, and history.

Format: Bespoke 1-On-1

Additional RevThink Client Benefits: Access to our robust network and resources. Confab membership.


“Making big changes can be overwhelming, but I’m so happy to see just how much we have accomplished in just 6 months. I couldn’t have gone at this speed without you.” – Jared at Deep Sky