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For an overview of how I work, please visit my engagements page.


A Consulting engagement is an ongoing collaboration between you and I to accelerate your creative firm’s journey into becoming an industry leader.

Knowing the process takes years, I am honored to come alongside you in this formative season of your business. Availability permitting, I sometimes engage for shorter durations to tackle a specific project in your business.

The Consulting engagement is typically structured as a biweekly routine where I bring accountability and together we set goals, determine strategies, and implement solutions. In terms of scope, I consult you and your creative firm in one or more of my areas of expertise: achieving clarity (Genius), carving out a narrow position / unique expertise in the marketplace (Positioning),  expanding reputation and opportunity (Marketing), and growing revenue (Sales).

Pairing Consulting with a CreOS™ subscription is a highly effective combination.

Location: Remote and on-site

Fee: Upon request following assessment

Deliverables: Biweekly session plus access via email, Slack, phone, and Confab

Format: 1-On-1


“Making big changes can be overwhelming, but I’m so happy to see just how much we have accomplished in just 6 months. I couldn’t have gone at this speed without you.” – Jared at Deep Sky