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Data shows even the most affluent and successful founders struggle with ownership transitions: in hindsight 75% of owners regret how they approached their exit, and just 5% of owners are happy with the net proceeds from their exit.

In an M&A Engagement, I work alongside you as a Certified Value Builder™ to help you exit without regrets. We will begin by answering:

  • Why do you want to exit your business?
  • What do you plan to go do after you leave your business?
  • How much is your business worth to you?
  • How attached are you personally to your business?
  • Have you built a fulfilling life outside of your company?
  • Have you considered how your employees will be treated when you exit your company?

Location: Remote and on-site

Fee: Varies

Deliverable: Ongoing consulting, discussions with potential buyers, and negotiation culminating in an ownership transaction/transition.

Format: 1-On-1