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“Who are you and what do you do?” Creative firms excel at answering this question on behalf of their clients but struggle mightily to answer it for themselves. The process of positioning is where you, I, and a superstar copywriter get serious about answering that question once and for all, thereby differentiating your firm. In this bespoke engagement, we follow my unique, proven method to nail your firm’s positioning and create the ultimate competitive advantage: being unlike any other firm. The result lays a critical foundation upon which your business can truly stand out, be respected as expert, and command premium pricing.

Although not a writer myself, included with my fee is a superstar copywriter whose work I personally guarantee.

Location: Remote

Fee: USD 10K (If needed, company naming is an additional USD 5K fee)

Deliverable: 4 weeks of weekly calls and emails following a customized agenda to develop your Language Library deck including anthem or rallying cry, tagline, About Us, elevator pitch, marketing headlines, and/or sample applications.

Implementation: Three calls over three months to process your logged issues and questions.

Format: 1-On-1 including my guidance plus copywriter


“Guys and gals, listen to Joel Pilger. We repositioned ourselves under his guidance and with this thinking, and it has changed our success rate dramatically for the better.” – PJ at Laundry