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Even strong creative firms unwittingly fall back into the Feast-or-Famine Cycle. Over time the consequences of the Cycle are enormous in the form of opportunity cost, lost revenue and profits, and inferior creative.

To overcome this common pattern, Saleskeeping is my unique method to clarifying your creative firm’s expertise, scaling up your marketing and sales efforts, and accelerating how you build trust with clients and prospects.

Once the system is in place, your firm will consistently maintain a healthy sales pipeline without fail. It is not uncommon to see a doubling of your firm’s revenue while also upgrading the quality of both your clients and creative work. The major elements of Saleskeeping include clarifying your firm’s expertise, lead generation, opportunity prioritization, personality-AI-based outreach, qualifying, referral-based social selling, sales pipeline management, and revenue-maximizing closing strategies.

For the owner considering a future M&A transition, Saleskeeping is essential to unlocking the full value of your creative firm.

Location: Remote or on-site

Fee: USD 10K or 3K/mo

Deliverable: 8 weeks of weekly calls and emails following a customized agenda to develop your marketing, outreach, and referrals-based sales strategy, sales pipeline and best practices, as well as anchoring and upselling capabilities.

Implementation: Three calls over three months for us to process any questions you’ve logged.

Format: 1-On-1


“Thanks to your advice, this year our sales grew 400% in the first half of the year compared to last year and we’re closing much larger projects consistently.” – João at Mezzolab