Escape velocity 1 of 7 | RevThink

How would you answer? In NYC last week, I asked five different studio / agency / prodco owners:

“How are you feeling about your 2020 goals?”

Each owner shot me a look that said,


What about you? Would you have shot me the same look?

If so, I can offer a theory of why this happens.

Every creative entrepreneur starts January with new, sky-high goals. Then before you know it, it’s February. And you notice that old, familiar gravitational force of…


Has kept its firm grip on you. And shows no signs of letting go.

So if you started out 2020 saying,


(And by THINGS, I mean a renewed confidence where your firm stands out, produces brilliant creative, and generates bulletproof profits.)

But obviously, reaching that next level takes more than just desire. It takes planning, action, and follow through.

So before it’s suddenly March and your 2020 goals are a fading memory, let’s ask:

What do next-level creative firms know (that others don’t)?

Now through mid-February, I’m going to attempt to answer that question with a dose of rocket fuel to help your creative firm reach escape velocity in 2020.

Ready? Let’s do this.

See you tomorrow,


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