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Yesterday I kicked off this email series to help your business reach escape velocity in 2020 as we answer the question:

What do next-level creative firms know (that others don’t)?

By “next-level” we mean a studio, agency, or production company which consistently stands out, produces brilliant creative, and is highly profitable.

Described that way, I can safely say we all want to be next-level.


But rather than hand you a compass and a heartfelt “good luck!” I want to give you a roadmap, showing you exactly how to get there.

Ready? Here are the steps along your journey:

Next-level creative firms know 5 things (that others don’t):

  1. Great Work only comes from…
  2. Better Clients that can be found using…
  3. Powerful Outreach which is based upon…
  4. Narrow Positioning that flows from…
  5. Genius

But here’s the trick: achieving this next-level seems simple enough. However, reality has a surprising amount of detail.

If you ignore (or worse, are unaware of) the details, your firm can get… stuck.

Next up: we will break down the roadmap, and more importantly, why the steps along the path (a.k.a. “the details”) matter.



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