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What if you could focus your time/energy on doing what you love?

Now hold that thought…

In my previous email, I argued that next-level creative firms know 5 things (that others firms don’t), namely:

  1. Great Work only comes from…
  2. Better Clients that can be found using…
  3. Powerful Outreach which is based upon…
  4. Narrow Positioning that flows from…
  5. Genius

And how paying attention to the details (not merely broad principles) matters. A lot.

Of those five attributes above (which form the basic structure of The Thriving Creative Firm), notice the foundation:

Genius. It’s that thing you love doing most. More than anything else, it recharges you. And when you do it, massive results show up.

For you, that might be:

Creative directing…

Managing teams and projects…

Connecting with clients to win that next big deal…

Whatever your Genius is, go do it. Focus on it. And delegate everything else.

Because I know this to be true: focusing on your Genius is the secret to a successful business, career… and life. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built.

What’s that you say?

“I would love to focus on my Genius… but I don’t know what my Genius is!!!”

To that I simply offer this encouragement: it’s not about having all the right answers, it’s about asking the right questions. So ask it. And keep asking.

Here is what one of my accelerator grads had to say:

“I doubled my sales in 2019… and I can delegate more. I feel the company growing, focusing on my genius. We know where we are going and how to get there.” – Alejandro at Focograma

This is just one of the things that next-level creative firms know (that others don’t).

In my next email, I’ll be pushing you up the toughest rung on this ladder we are climbing together: positioning.

Until then,


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