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Thanks for all the great feedback on this current email series. I consider it a privilege to travel the world and work with so many fabulous creative entrepreneurs like yourself.

Today our series continues – as we stack up the layers in your Thriving Creative Firm – with a look at the most vexing element: positioning.

To illustrate why it’s critical for your firm to carve out a narrow positioning in the minds of your clients, permit me to share a meme (which stirred up quite a bit of controversy on Instagram) of how not to do it:

Sound familiar?

Sadly if your creative firm speaks to the world like this…

You sound like everyone else.

This drives me nuts. Because I want you to stand out. To break through. To step up to your bigger future.

But climbing the next rungs on this ladder – Powerful Outreach… Better Clients… Great Work – is impossible without a clear, concise positioning.

A top client (read: buyer) in the entertainment industry saw my meme and commented:

“The broader the mission statement, the less likely I am to go to them. No one wants the jack of all trades, I want the master of one.” – Steve at FX Networks

What to do?

Speak from your Purpose, Power, and Personality. Otherwise known as your Three P’s.

Don’t sound like everyone else.


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