Escape velocity 5 of 7 - Powerful Outreach | RevThink


I’m that client you’re dying to work with.

And right now, I have a whole bunch of problems that are a perfect fit for your creative firm to solve.


Am I trolling the web trying to find you? Heck no.

Am I looking at your ads in my Google feed? Haha, that’s laughable.


I’m waiting for you to reach out to me. Directly.

I’m ready.

Are you?

You’re ready if you’ve already done these two things…

Identify your genius: be clear about your secret sauce.

Carve out your positioning: so I can easily see how your firm stands out from all the others out there.

Got those two in place? Great, now reach out.

And when you reach out to me, do these things:

  1. Be concise: share only one irresistibly curious thing.
  2. Be authoritative: don’t rely on exclamation marks to make your point.
  3. Be serious: offer to travel and meet me in-person.
  4. Be frictionless: boil it down so I can respond with a simple “yes” or “no, thanks.”

Violate any of these and… for one reason or another…

We won’t connect.

“It’s amazing how this advice works. We do our most good when people get over their bad habits (or egos) and follow it (that’s the hardest part, I think!)” – PJ at Laundry

Up next: we are approaching the final rung on our ladder Genius ➔ Positioning ➔ Powerful Outreach ➔ Better Clients ➔ Great Work.



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