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Our climb up the ladder of the Thriving Creative Firm is nearly complete.

Step 1: You started by getting clear about your Genius.

Step 2: You carved out a narrow Positioning.

Step 3: You are sending out your firm’s message with Powerful Outreach.

Now we arrive at Step 4: You’re ready to connect with Better Clients.

First, let’s notice that in the past, this is where things failed.

Because you reached out to the Apples, the BBCs, the Crispins, and the Deloittes of the world.

Maybe you broke through. You got an appointment. You had a great call.

Maybe you even started talking about (gasp!) a project.

And then, suddenly, you hear those old, dreaded words…

“Sorry, we decided to go in a different direction…”


“We will keep you in mind…”

Or worst of all…

They ghosted you.


Back when this failure happened over and over again, you eventually just threw up your hands and convinced yourself:

“We have a sales problem!”

But this time, you’re not using that old excuse.

This time you did Steps 1-3.

And now in Step 4, something is different…

Now that decision maker at Apple, BBC, Crispin or Deloitte isn’t confused or aloof. No, this time the conversation continues when your new Better Client says something magical:

“Tell me more.”

And that’s when everything changes.

In my next and final email in this series, we will reach our final rung called Great Work.

But before I go, I have to post some charming feedback (shared with permission), which I so appreciate:

“Fu*king genius. And I seldom swear.” – Jordan Brady, director at superlounge

And this comment from one of my Jumpstart alumni was particularly endearing:

“Because I’m a product of social media, I was looking for a ‘like button’ on this email.” – Shawna, Co-Founder at Mass FX

Please keep the feedback coming. I read them all.



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