Escape velocity 7 of 7 - Great Work | RevThink

Over the past three weeks I’ve been sending out doses of rocket fuel to help up-and-coming creative firms reach escape velocity.

Upon deconstructing the Thriving Creative Firm, we realized:

  1. Great Work only comes from…
  2. Better Clients that can be found using…
  3. Powerful Outreach which is based upon…
  4. Narrow Positioning that flows from…
  5. Genius

And by breaking it down, now you know how to build it back up.

In our last note you reached Better Clients, so today you’re finally grabbing the final rung: Great Work.

The irony is, producing Great Work may be the easiest of all the steps…

Huh? Did I just say producing Great Work is easy?

No. It’s not easy.


Given enough time and money, can your firm produce work that is unquestionably brilliant… truly inspired… massively impactful?


Now as you ponder this, you may be arriving at another realization:

Getting the work is the work.

Yes I know, at first, this is discouraging. But sit with it long enough and you will come to find it encouraging.

You are a creative entrepreneur. So setting big, ambitious goals in the face of harsh realities is nothing new to you.

And after all, what else were you planning to do with the rest of your life?



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