RevThink at PromaxBDA 2018 | RevThink


Mon 6:30pm PopUp F5 | Speaker Dinner

Where: Gotham West Market, 600 11th Ave, New York

RevThink is honored to sponsor the PopUp F5 speaker dinner the night before the big show.

By invitation only.

Mon 9pm Annual Roundtable Podcast: “We’ve Got Data, So Who Needs Creative?”

> Hosted by RevThink | Sponsored by Aspire Artists Agency
Where: Aspire Artists Agency Presidential Suite, Hilton Midtown New York City

This year’s lineup of industry leaders promises to be an even livelier discussion than last year’s (if that’s even possible).


  • Steve Viola, SVP of Design at FX Networks
  • Meghan Kirsch, SVP Marketing + Creative at Viceland
  • Chuck Carey, former EVP/Managing Director at mOcean
  • Marcel Ziul, Creative Director / Founder at STATE Design


  • Joel Pilger, Consultant | Partner at RevThink
  • Tim Thompson, Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink

By invitation only.



Tue 9am-1pm PopUp F5

Where: PromaxBDA Conference at Hilton Midtown New York City

F5 is joining forces with PromaxBDA by helping them kick-off their conference- F5 style. RevThink’s Tim Thompson will be delivering a dose of inspiration surrounding The Four Stages of the Creative Career.

Featured Speaker: Tim Thompson, Chief Revolution Thinker at RevThink

Register for PopUp F5 here.



Wed 10am “How Clients and Agencies Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste” Session

Where: PromaxBDA Conference at Hilton Midtown New York City
Room: Sutton North

In an homage to “The Affair,” we will examine two humongous projects from both sides of the client/agency relationship. What brought them to the breaking point? And then what happened? See what it takes to pull off a 100+ deliverables 360º campaign.

And there’s more: the panel will challenge our audience with questions like “What to do when a project goes sideways?” and “How do you admit when you’re wrong?” Come ready to share your answers.


  • Joel Pilger, Consultant | Partner at RevThink


  • Andre Quadra, Head of Marketing at ESPN International
  • Joe Burrascano, Producer / Director at Aardman Nathan Love
  • Michael Waldron, SVP Creative Director of Art & Design at Nickelodeon
  • Marcel Ziul, Creative Director / Founder at STATE Design

Wed 5:30-7pm Agency Happy Hour

The Gathering of Agency Leaders at PromaxBDA: The Conference

Where: PromaxBDA Conference at Hilton Midtown New York City
Location: 3rd Floor Promenade & Foyer
Sponsored by Greenspoon Marder and RevThink

Our industry is about to change forever. Two important announcements are being made that will impact your creative business:


Infinite revisions. Payment terms. Underages. Insurance requirements. Pitch practices. Sequential liability. What’s a creative agency to do?

Answer: creative agencies are finally coming together to make our industry stronger. It’s time to talk about an Alliance of Content and Design Companies. For more info, listen to our It’s Time to Make Our Industry Stronger podcast episode.


Creative Entrepreneurs is becoming QOHORT: the Quarterly Cohorts. This new group of agency owners is gathering quarterly to connect with peers, explore new business relationships, and strengthen our industry.

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