RevThinking 068 | First Fight - The Fight to Leave a Mark | RevThink

“When you start to understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, that’s what makes you different.” – Andre Foster at First Fight

Ever since Simon Sinek’s much-ballyhooed TED Talk, business leaders can’t stop asking themselves, “What’s our WHY?”

In this episode, Joel Pilger speaks with Andre Foster and Guy Allen, partners at Detroit-based studio First Fight. Among several topics of interest to all up-and-coming studios, the twosome discusses their journey of carving out a unique positioning – based on not only their WHY, but also their HOW and WHO – as a key to building trust with clients and sharing their valuable expertise.

This is an episode in our ongoing Profile of the Creative Entrepreneur series spotlighting inspired creative entrepreneurs to learn about their journey navigating the intersection of creativity and commerce.



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