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This month I think I’ve heard the phrase “feast-or-famine cycle” about 37 times. And I hate it.

Then RevThinker Ashley and I were speaking with a motion design studio owner in NYC. We were discussing how the latest best practices in sales is, ironically, recognizing that most sales problems aren’t sales problems…

They are marketing problems.

In the case of this owner, about six months ago he finished our accelerator. He got clear about how to solve his sales problem by solving his marketing problem.


At RevThink, we advise our clients that an effective marketing outreach strategy is based upon (the aptly named acronym) B.A.S.E.:

  • Blasts
  • Awareness-building
  • Social media
  • Email

Of all these tactics, email blasts are the easiest to implement.

But this owner – for six months – still hadn’t taken action.

Sound familiar? If you are guilty of inaction, what’s your excuse?

“We’ve been really busy…”

“We don’t know what to say…”

“Once we get our new (website, reel, project) finished, then…”

We hear these all the time.

Despite the excuses – in the case of this owner in NYC – we helped him get out of his own way.  And after those six long months of silence, we helped his team send out a simple, beautiful email blast.

Guess what happened?

He immediately won a new big, fabulous project, right?


Actually one important client responded with this:

“Hey guys, good to hear from you. I thought you closed your doors!”


Now you have a glimpse into how your clients’ limited attention spans actually work. And how sending an email blast once or twice per year is actually worse than sending none at all.

The moral of the story: either don’t send email blasts at all, or send them regularly. (How? Hire an external resource. But don’t pay them by the hour. Rather, pay them by the blast. That will make sure you don’t slow them down.) That’s a start.

Once that easy piece is in place, keep building. Push your narrow, sticky positioning into the world with a simple marketing routine… that never stops. This is the first half of the feast-or-famine solution RevThink affectionately calls “Saleskeeping.”

“Look in the mirror. Sometimes the solution is getting that person out of the way!” – Tim Thompson

What about you, do you hate the feast-or-famine cycle?



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