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The pitch is unavoidable, so you might as well perfect yours.

As we take a hard look at the reason the majority of firms don’t win pitches, we discover an unpopular truth: usually the problem isn’t what you’re pitching, it’s how you’re pitching.

In this series of articles on the HOW of pitching, we are taking your game to the next level as we examine the Eight Hows of Pitching™. In total, there are eight unorthodox strategies that apply to both your pitch process and your pitch presentation.

Last week we focused on HOW #1, “Pitch In Person: Because passion and trust are more important than ideas.”

This week’s HOW #2 is probably the simplest to put into practice immediately.

How #2. Pitch Last

Bend the client’s rules so in the order of the firms presenting, your pitch is the last one. Rules are meant to be broken, after all.

Revisit last week’s post and read Will Travis’ story carefully: did you infer an important detail about Attik’s pitch to the NFL? He must have pitched last.

If you are clever, you can get the client to reveal when your competitors are pitching, then manipulate the client to schedule your presentation after theirs… every time.

Pitch last: because by the time your pitch presentation is done, your competitors – and their creative – will be a distant memory.


As a reminder, here are the eight strategies we are covering in this series:

  • PITCH IN PERSON: Because passion and trust are more important than ideas.
  • PITCH LAST: Because by the time your pitch presentation is done, your competitors – and their ideas – will be a distant memory.
  • CONTROL THE PITCH: Because you – not the client – should be the one to walk him, page by page, through your amazing ideas.
  • PITCH A STORY: Because the client loves being immersed in a complete narrative.
  • PITCH ONLY FAVORITES: Because if you lack confidence in your ideas, the client will lose confidence in you.
  • PITCH WITH A WINGMAN: Because without a teammate, at some point you will end up tooting your own horn.
  • LEAVE A LEAVE-BEHIND: Because the client is always wishing, “Don’t tell me. Show me.”
  • DON’T STOP PITCHING: Because your client’s biggest fear is awarding to the wrong firm.

See you next week when we dive into HOW #3 – Control the Pitch.

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