Joel Pilger Workshop at DDD Geneva | RevThink

The Three R’s: 

What Really Drives the Client / Agency Business Relationship.  


You just landed a new project – CONGRATS. But the most important question still lies beneath: how do you decide if this opportunity is a good fit in the first place?

On February 12th, Joel Pilger from Revthink will be hosting a workshop “The Three R’s” at Digital Design Days Geneva. This session focuses on how your studio can master these three concepts and enjoy the byproducts that also start with the letter “R,” like Referrals, Respect, and Repeat business.

In this session you will learn:
WHY the “More Mentality” only results in more problems.
HOW to know if a project/client is worth accepting.
WHAT objections should be raised early and often, so that your business is equipped to thrive.

Note: Missing this session might result in our least favorite “R” – Regret.


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