RevThinking 060 | Justin Kanner & Heather Roymans at Alter Ego - Profile of the Creative Entrepreneur | RevThink

“What we want to do is take all of our expertise, professionalism, and technology… and put our 15 year-old passion into it.” – Justin Kanner

In this episode in our Profile of the Creative Entrepreneur series, Joel Pilger speaks with Justin Kanner and Heather Roymans, partners at creative studio Alter Ego.

If the name Alter Ego is unfamiliar to you, you’re not alone. Until now, Justin and Heather have been helming their studio under the moniker IFDC. The new name change represents a renewed focus, direction, and ambition for this creative duo and their team based in the Washington, DC area.

In our ongoing Profile of the Creative Entrepreneur series, we interview inspiring creative entrepreneurs to learn about their journey navigating the intersection of creativity and commerce.


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