Keep going | RevThink

I just finished a Zoom call with yet another owner whose studio is proving my theory:

You don’t have to wait until things become clear…

Your business can thrive…

And you can begin today.

In my webinar How (Some) Studios Are Crushing It… Despite COVID, I spelled out the framework.

Since then I’ve received so much positive feedback (sorry if you emailed me and I haven’t replied yet… I do read them all), I’m glad it’s been helpful. Just last night another owner wrote me saying something so simple yet profound (shared with permission):

“Great presentation. It has given us the inspiration to refocus our thinking and keep going.” – Mandy at AMBA


“Keep going…”

If you think about it, that is the journey of the creative entrepreneur in a nutshell.

Keep living a better story,

– Joel

P.S. To view the presentation Mandy mentioned, watch the webinar replay at