RevThinking 069 | Matt Taylor at Deloitte Digital - The Rise of Consultancies as a Creative Force | RevThink

“When I came in, narratives were rousing battle poems that got lost in a powerpoint deck that just got filed away. But I think right now and what we are trying to do is to be able to translate that into things that can be experienced by more people. ” – Matt Taylor

In this episode of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger speaks with Matt Taylor, at Deloitte Digital.

Unless your head has been in the sand these last few years, you know that these big agencies have been invading the turf normally reserved for the big advertising and marketing agencies. So what’s changing?

Matt just so happens to be director of experience design at Deloitte Digital in Sydney Australia plus he ran his own motion design studio years ago before it was acquired by Deloitte.



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