Not a genius in Finance | RevThink

“Can someone remind me how the whole PPP forgiveness thing works?”

If you are an owner of a US-based creative firm which received a Paycheck Protection Program loan, you may not recall all the finer details of the program or (on many owners’ minds today) how to maximize your PPP forgiveness.

Don’t be embarrassed. Being brilliant in one ingredient – probably Creative or Sales or Production – means you’re not likely a genius in Finance.

And that’s okay. Because delegating your less-than-brilliant talents (i.e., your weaknesses) happens to be a brilliant way to run your creative firm.

But how? Here’s a simple formula for delegating:

  1. Join the community.
  2. Learn and gain understanding.
  3. Delegate.

Case in point: RevThink’s next free event is a webinar focused on PPP forgiveness. It’s our way of building community to help you learn and understand. So you can delegate. And then get back to running your business.

Register here.