RevThinking 044 | Carlos at Motionographer - The Person Behind the PopUp | RevThink

“I think it’s time to bring the community together in a space; so they can meet each other, and interact, and party, and get inspired.” – Carlos El Asmar

In episode 44 of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger talks with Carlos El Asmar, co-founder of Motionographer and the F5 conference.

Carlos is someone you probably haven’t heard of – although once you find out who he is you will be surprised. But it’s very much by intention. He has stayed behind the scenes – in the shadows – but is now coming out into the spotlight.

He was kind enough to sit down with Joel to have a conversation not only about Motionographer and F5, but also about Popup F5: a mini-F5 conference happening inside the PromaxBDA Conference next month in NYC.


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